Marketing Toolkit for Merchants

Welcome to the Bolt network!

Now that Bolt is powering your one-click checkout, it’s time to share the news with your shoppers.

With more than 300K new shoppers being added to the Bolt network every month, more and more consumers are developing a preference to shop online using Bolt. Consumers with a Bolt account are 50% more likely to complete their order than those checking out as a ‘Guest’.

Welcome your shoppers to a frictionless checkout experience by displaying the Bolt badge on your website. Here’s how to promote the Bolt experience.

Step 01: Prompt

Bolt logo beyond checkout

Want shoppers to see the Bolt logo before the checkout process? Prominently displaying the Bolt logo in your footer will signal to shoppers they can breeze through checkout with one click—even if they haven’t shopped at your store before.

Bolt logos and badges
Step 02: Promote

Promote Bolt to shoppers

Education is key. Use our ready-made messaging and suggestions to inform your customers you've made their checkout process easier.

Merchant marketing
Step 03: Communicate

On-site messaging

Our tailored messaging will help shoppers understand the benefits of registering for a Bolt account if they’re not familiar with Bolt and the one-click checkout process.

Bolt messaging