Bolt raises $393M to fuel commerce’s first federated checkout network.

We’re excited to announce that Bolt has raised $393M in new funding at 18 times our valuation 18 months ago.

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Bolt One Click Checkout

Connecting retailers and shoppers in a unified cross-brand network

One Network. Millions of Shoppers.

Seamless Registration

Shoppers register during checkout once and then never again

Bolt Accounts

Saved shopper info enabling one-click checkout everywhere

Bolt Network

A unified network of
merchants using Bolt

Treat millions of checkout-ready shoppers like returning customers

Bolt enables shoppers to check out in one click across any site in the Bolt Network, making it easier than ever to get them through the "Buy" button in record time.


Of Eligible Shoppers Choose To Save Their Information and Create a Bolt Account


Shoppers (and Counting)


Higher Conversion Shoppers With a Bolt Account Than Bolt Guest Shoppers


Shoppers Lined Up To Join the Bolt Network in the Next 18 Months

Value Creation for Merchants

Built for Speed and Conversion

Online stores ask new shoppers for the same personal data and payment information over and over again. With Bolt One Click, start treating all customers like return customers and see 38% faster completion times with 75% higher conversions on your one-click transactions.

Adoption = Opportunity

Nearly one-fifth of all Bolt retailer transactions are Bolt Network driven—and growing. Bolt One Click adoption rates create an instant connection with the most valuable customers in our network—turning potential customers into repeat shoppers.

Drive Repeat Business and Increased AOV

The perfect checkout should be unremarkable. Treat all shoppers like return shoppers and inspire loyalty through an easy, friction-free experience.

Extensible Architecture

By being payment and platform agnostic (BigCommerce, Adobe, SFCC, and custom carts), Bolt One Click meets you where you are, and supports all major card brands and alternative payment methods.

Join Bolt's Network

Get connected instantly with valuable customers through the Bolt Network and turn potential customers into repeat shoppers.

See our Customers

50 Million Shoppers Lined Up

  • Engage with the most valuable shoppers who convert at a 75% higher rate than guest checkout.
  • Treat every new shopper like a returning customer. Give them a lightning-fast, one-click checkout even if they’ve never shopped your site before.
  • Reduce your PCI checkout compliance scope. Bolt securely handles payment data across the network.
  • Get on board the growing network. Thousands of new shoppers are added each month as new retailers join the network and existing retailers grow sales with new customers.

One-Click Checkout For Every Shopper

  • Create an account once with one tap, then never enter personal or payment data again.
  • No passwords or account names to remember—OTP verifies shoppers with zero friction.
  • Convenience is security. Limiting the number of accounts per shopper limits risk from fraudulent activity or other retailers mishandling data.
  • Shop with a one-click checkout experience on any site in the network.
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In just under a year working with Bolt, we've reported 6-digit increases in month-over-month revenues. All because of the Bolt Network

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Operations Lead,
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