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Bolt raises $393M to fuel commerce’s first federated checkout network.

We’re excited to announce that Bolt has raised $393M in new funding at 18 times our valuation 18 months ago.

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Payment integrations and options that scale with your business.

  • Bolt

  • Braintree

  • Stripe

  • Adyen

  • NMI


  • Cybersource

  • Worldpay

  • Radial

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Accept payments simply and securely with Bolt’s enterprise-grade solution as your payment facilitator or keep your existing payment processor through a simple gateway integration. Our extensible checkout architecture scales with your business and pre-built integrations with top alternative payment methods (APMs) allow you to give shoppers more ways to pay while turbocharging your growth.

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"In just under a year working with Bolt, we've reported 6-digit increases in month-over-month revenues. A significant amount of that revenue is because of Bolt."


Phil Hamilton

Operations Lead, All Things Barbecue

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Payment models built for your business

Choose the model best suited for your specific needs. Bolt Payments, our native payment stack, supports all major card brands and offers simplified reporting, reconciliation, settlement, and fee structures. Bolt’s gateway integration with top payment service providers allows you to keep current payment-related reporting and reconciliation with your PSP.

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Grow average order values with alternative payment methods (APMs)

Offload the headache of managing multiple backend and frontend APM integrations. Support easy enablement and testing for your internal team and ensure your shoppers get a top-tier user experience. Bolt offers pre-built integrations with leading APM providers.


Reliably secure ways to pay

Bolt is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 in order to process payments securely. We also host the entire checkout environment on your behalf—reducing your compliance scope for online checkout.


Centralize your payments

Use Bolt as the epicenter of your ecommerce payments stack. Manage all payment operations directly to Bolt instead of having to work with each individual payment method separately. Give your shoppers the best experience, by staying up to date with the best-in-class integration for every payment method without having to manage it yourself.


Real-time payment analytics

Gain a holistic view into your site’s performance with improved reporting capabilities and data visualizations. Easily filter across all transactions, view revenue and average order value (AOV) by payment type, and gain deeper insights into order data, Bolt Accounts, and risk analytics.


Features to up-level the entire purchase experience: