Bolt raises $393M to fuel commerce’s first federated checkout network.

We’re excited to announce that Bolt has raised $393M in new funding at 18 times our valuation 18 months ago.

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Bolt CheckoutOS

The checkout experience varies wildly across the internet. Bolt is the solution to this problem. For each user, we create a persistent shopper identity across all retailers in the Bolt Network. Shoppers receive a unified checkout experience, and retailers can treat the millions of in-network shoppers like return customers.

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We chose Bolt because they’re able to create a cross-brand experience across all of our platforms, while still maintaining the individual tech stack or ecosystem for each of our partners."

Nick Woodhouse, President and CMO, ABG

Inside Bolt CheckoutOS

Bolt CheckoutOS is the engine that powers identity accounts, one-click checkout, fraud prevention, and payments for the Bolt Network. It enables retailers to tailor unique buying experiences for their customers. This means fewer abandoned carts, higher conversions, and, most importantly, lifetime relationships with Bolt Network shoppers.



Bring more checkout-ready shoppers to your site

The Bolt Network connects retailers with shoppers, creating instantaneous relationships between sellers and buyers to facilitate easier, more frequent, and higher quality transactions. When any of the millions of engaged shoppers within our Network visits your store, they can checkout without any forms or passwords. With the click of a button, the transaction is completed.


(and Counting)


Higher Conversion Shoppers With a Bolt Account Than Bolt Guest Shoppers


Of Eligible Shoppers Choose To Save Their Information and Create a Bolt Account


Shoppers Lined Up To Join the Bolt Network in the Next 18 Months

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I think there’s a lot of value in knowing that people who already have a Bolt account can recognize that Bolt is running on our site. If I can see that I can instantly checkout because I have a Bolt account, I’m much more likely to finish the checkout process because I know it’ll just be one click."

Steven Scarborough

Director of Ecommerce, Industry West



Convert more shoppers into paying customers with Bolt One Click

Future-proof your store’s online checkout with Bolt One Click. Shoppers save their basic information during their first purchase within the network, so they never have to enter personal or payment data again. Bolt’s checkout is faster and more seamless than the industry average, with Bolt Network shoppers converting 80% higher.

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All the touchpoints of having a fast, simple checkout and not having to sit there for hours on end looking at manual reviews…I think it has been an absolute game-changer for"

Justin Dermit

Director of Ecommerce & Marketing, Tyler's



Build customer relationships that last a lifetime

Bolt SSO leverages data from the Bolt Network to autonomously create a store account for your shoppers—whether they’re new arrivals or return customers. Access valuable first-party data and unique shopper insights to turn one-time shoppers into life-long customers.

No more lengthy account registrations

Replace usernames and passwords with One Time Password

Shoppers keep their existing account benefits

Autonomous account creation

Linked accounts

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As Bolt penetrates with more checkout carts across the Internet, it’s just going to be easier and easier for first-time customers to feel like repeat customers."

Jason Hanan

President at Pro Audio LA



Scale your business with flexible payment integrations

Bolt offers pre-built integrations with dozens of leading payment partners and alternative payment methods. Use Bolt Payments or plug in your existing payment solution to make collecting payments a breeze.

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In just under a year working with Bolt, we've reported 6-digit increases in month-over-month revenues. All because of the Bolt Network."

Phil Hamilton

Operations Lead, All Things Barbecue



Approve more good orders

Stay protected against fraudulent chargebacks and false positives. Our in-house risk team leverages a multilayered approach—machine learning, rules, and manual review—to minimize the risk of fraud and protect your bottom line.

Approve more orders

Prioritize your customers

Fuel operational efficiency

Never worry about fraud again

Explore Fraud Protection

All the touchpoints of having a fast, simple checkout and not having to sit there for hours on end looking at manual reviews…I think it has been an absolute game changer for"

Justin Dermit

Director of eCommerce & Marketing



Tap into our extensive partner ecosystem

Bolt easily integrates with hundreds of applications for tax, shipping, back-office ERP, customer financing, and more. We pre-vet hundreds of technologies to bring you best-in-class solutions to scale.

Explore Bolt’s Partner Ecosystem

Implementation was a simple process and Bolt handled the entire process with very little involvement from me. Bolt's support team is first class and makes you feel like you're truly a partner."

Reviewed on G2 by Douglas A

Sept 2019

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