The End of Guest Checkout Is Here

Bolt is projected to power 82% of all online checkouts in the US by 2025.
Learn how Bolt’s growing network is driving value for retailers and merchants alike. 

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The Checkout Experience Platform

Creating a unified experience for shoppers and merchants

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The checkout experience is so important - one of the top three most important factors of the site. Bolt made it possible for us to implement a fast and easy one-click checkout that allows our customers to complete their purchase in a matter of seconds.”

Cody Cho, Global VP Ecommerce, Dita

The checkout problem

Cart and site builders have surfaced to meet the growing demands of ecommerce. The default checkout experience provided was never designed to handle the complexities of your checkout.

To solve conversion problems, checkout plugins have sprouted up. Unfortunately these add one more button to your store, one more confusing option for shoppers, and in the end your problem with checkout still exists.

Shoppers are frustrated

A different checkout experience is presented at every online store. Shoppers are being asked to enter the same billing and shipping information over and over again. This is killing your conversion rates and leading to higher abandonment rates.


Cart abandonment rate at the final step of checkout


Mobile cart abandonment rate at the final step of checkout

Meet Bolt

We’re building a network of millions of happy shoppers by making online buying fast, safe and easy. Our Checkout Experience Platform connects shoppers with retailers in a unified cross-brand network. Bolt tackles the problems retailers face through optimizing conversions at checkout, managing hundreds of integrations and the rising risk of fraud. Bolt is a future-proof solution that increases conversions by 60% through our network of shoppers.

Bolt is a lightweight layer that can be implemented with all of the major platforms.

Introducing Bolt One Click

Bolt One Click creates the simplest and fastest checkout experience for your shoppers. Registration happens seamlessly during the checkout process and connects your shoppers to the Bolt Network.

What’s all of this mean to you?

60% higher conversions from One Click shoppers

These Bolt customers create happy shoppers with a One-Click checkout

How does it work?

Bolt sits on top of your ecommerce platform to power a fast, one click checkout experience for your site. Bolt One Click enables shopper registration in the default flow of checkout. Your existing checkout can be replaced with Bolt and integrated seamlessly with your cart or Bolt can be embedded to your existing checkout flow. Imagine a branded and streamlined checkout where shoppers never fill out a form, or need a password, or register for a third party plugin. All of this is powered by Bolt’s network.

Benefit from 60% higher conversions from Bolt One Click shoppers

Checkout is optimized and we’ll manage the entire checkout flow for your store. Shoppers save their basic information during their first purchase within the network so they never have to enter personal or payment data again.

Flexible payment integrations

Bolt offers pre-built integrations with dozens of leading payment partners such as Stripe and Braintree. Plug in your existing payment solution or use Bolt’s payments solution to make collecting payments simple.

Easily Connect with 100’s of Integrations

Bolt easily integrates with hundreds of applications for tax, shipping, back-office ERP, customer financing, and more. Bolt serves as the platform layer that lets you customize how your shoppers buy and manage their purchases post-order.

We handle fraud for you

The Bolt checkout experience is powered by Bolt Fraud Protection, an advanced fraud protection engine. Bolt handles the heavy lifting of fraud detection, but your team always has control of the final decision. Free your team to spend their time on more meaningful tasks.

The Simplicity of Bolt Accounts

Once shoppers save their info during checkout with a simple checkbox, all future purchases at your store or any other retailer using Bolt is lightning-fast without any passwords or logins to remember. Ever.

The Power of the Bolt Network

The Bolt Network gives every retailer using Bolt an instant relationship with every shopper who uses Bolt’s checkout. With a pool of millions of engaged shoppers, new customers to your store can checkout without any forms and no passwords. This results in significantly higher conversion rates.

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The Bolt Partner Ecosystem

At Bolt, our goal is to build the best buying experience internet-wide, for both businesses and their customers. To do this, we pre-vet hundreds of technologies to bring you best-in-class solutions to scale.

Ecommerce Platforms
Technology Platforms
Agencies & SIs

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What customers say about integrating with Bolt

Implementation was a simple process and Bolt handled the entire process with very little involvement from me. Bolt's support team is first class and makes you feel like you're truly a partner.”

rating stars

Sept. 2019

Reviewed on G2 by Douglas A

Product installation was a breeze and their team is extremely friendly and responsive and are willing to work on ideas/topics that you bring their way.”

rating stars

Sept. 2019

Reviewed on G2 by A. Biswas

Bolt Support has been amazing to work with. They did it all and worked countless hours to make sure we were up and running with a smooth checkout flow for our customers as well as keeping to our branding”

rating stars

Sept. 2019

Reviewed on G2 by Lisa S

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