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This fintech startup thinks it can help companies build conscious business cultures

May 5, 2021   |   Fast Company

Intel introduced the corporate world to the concept of Objectives and Key Results, or OKRs, for measuring goals. Netflix ushered in unlimited vacation policies. Will Bolt, a seven-year-old fintech company, coax companies into adopting biweekly performance feedback and cultures that value writing over talking? San Francisco-based Bolt, which offers online retailers a one-click checkout experience, today is launching, a public website where startups and corporations can find Bolt’s internal company handbook as well as updates on the company’s culture and guest posts from leaders. The goal, says founder and CEO Ryan Breslow, is to help other businesses seeking to mirror Bolt’s culture, which marries so-called mindfulness principles with standards for performance and execution. “The reason we’re open sourcing this is because it is really hard to figure this stuff out,” says Breslow. “You can just find what you like, share it with your leadership team, and implement it.”