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Promote Bolt to Shoppers

Here are some resources to help inform returning customers about their new checkout experience. Feel free to use our suggestions or create your own tactics. You know your customers best.

Bolt has compiled some samples in this toolkit as guidance for your team.

  • Plain-Text Email
  • Alternative Graphic Email

Plain-Text Email

Subject: Single Click Checkout – Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Bolt as our new Checkout Experience Platform for online payments. We are constantly looking for new ways to safeguard and improve your shopping experience and offer world class service to our customers. Now, our checkout just got easier.

The first time you check out with Bolt, you’ll be asked for your shipping address and your credit card information. That’s it. If you want, you can choose to save your information with Bolt, at which time we’ll send a verification code to your cell phone or email address. Next time you check out, Bolt will remember you to make the process that much easier.

Keep an eye out for our new checkout, which we will be rolling out next week!

Step 3

On-site messaging