Quick Checkout for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source by Bolt Frequently Asked Questions

The Bolt x Adobe Difference & Shopper Experience

Bolt Quick Checkout is an easy & fast checkout experience for your shoppers

Through Bolt’s vast network, your shoppers will breeze through a mobile-friendly, password-less checkout experience. By providing a streamlined checkout, Bolt account shoppers are 50% more likely to complete checkout. 

Drive additional revenue through a frictionless checkout  

With fewer barriers to completing checkout, historically Bolt network shoppers are 67% more likely to return and make a repeat purchase than guest shoppers.

Enhance your checkout, without disrupting it 

Quick Checkout integrates with the native Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source checkout and a wide variety of payment providers, so you can improve your checkout experience without replacing your existing solutions. 

Activate with confidence  

Quick Checkout is built, supported, and maintained by Adobe in partnership with Bolt. This direct partnership ensures Adobe’s highest quality standards for testing, compatibility, documentation, and support are met. 

 Sara Kim, Director of Commerce at Akira said “The checkout experience is so important – one of the top three most important factors of the site. Bolt made it possible for us to implement a fast and easy checkout that allows our customers to complete their purchase in a matter of seconds.”

Additionally, large brands like Forever21 have seen great results with Bolt. Just 60 days after deploying Bolt, ​​Forever21 was already seeing 30% of their transactions as one-click with Bolt network shoppers.

  • US-based and settling in USD
  • Magento Version 2.4.1+ and PHP Compatibility 7.3+
  • On Luma storefront theme
  • On supported payment processor (Stripe, Braintree, Cybersource, Auth.net, NMI, Adyen, Paypal Payflow, CardConnect, and Bolt Payments)

Retailers can get live with just a few simple steps. .

Here’s a summary of the step by step process:

  1. Get extension from Adobe Marketplace.
  2. Log into Adobe Commerce admin.
  3. Navigate to Sales > Checkout tab to set up Quick Checkout.
  4. Create a Production or Sandbox merchant account with Bolt.
  5. Set up your chosen payment processor from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  6. Obtain the API Key and Publisher Key and insert to Account Credentials.
  7. Define your Service Settings.
  8. Set your Environment to match sandbox or production and set Enable dropdown to “yes” to activate extension.
  9. Select the Save Config button.


Watch this 3 minute video that walks you through the steps.

Tens of millions of shoppers have a Bolt account. When they come to your site, they get one-click checkout, even if they’ve never been to your site before. You can increase customer lifetime value by personalizing their experience.

Bolt offers free Risk Assessment scoring that draws on Bolt’s advanced fraud prevention technology. This gives merchants deep insights into risk scoring for credit card transactions in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard, empowering them to make more informed decisions for their businesses

Bolt also has a free analytics dashboard where you can see data trends across transactions, payments, risk analysis, and outcomes.


Merchants who process more than $3M in GMV annually will receive custom pricing directly from the Bolt sales team. For merchants who process less than $3M in GMV annually pricing starts at $19.99 a month and scales based on your yearly sales. After using Bolt for 1 month, we take your store’s gross merchandise volume (GMV) and multiply it by 12 to estimate your sales over a year.

Here’s a breakdown to help visualize your pricing more clearly

Monthly GMVAnnual GMVMonthly cost

Once you’ve used Bolt for 12 months, we’ll charge based on your trailing annual GMV.

Product Questions

Bolt offers two options: Quick Checkout which can be added to your existing Adobe Checkout or the option to have Bolt manage your checkout end-to-end.Quick Checkout by Bolt is a lighter integration that’s easy to turn on through your Adobe store in a couple of minutes. It doesn’t replace Adobe checkout, but enhances it with one-click checkout.

Bolt powers one-click checkout for all shoppers in the Bolt Network.

Guest checkout will continue to be powered by Adobe technology.

Bolt’s end-to-end checkout replaces Adobe’s checkout and requires a more thorough integration. It can be customized to your requirements.

Bolt will power guest checkout in addition to one-click checkout for shoppers in the Bolt Network.

If you’re interested in learning more about this option, fill in a few details here and we’ll be in touch.

No, at this time Adobe checkout powered by Bolt is just for US and CAN shoppers.

Payments Processing

No, Bolt will not become your payment processor. Bolt works with your current payment processor and will not interrupt your ability to process transactions.

Bolt doesn’t affect your processor, but works with it. It’s possible that the details that you can see in your payment processor’s drill down reports will change. It’s also possible that workflows will be adjusted. 


For more details, see this document that walks through the steps of setting up Bolt to work with your payment processor.

You can connect to most payment service providers (PSP). Bolt works with Adyen, Braintree, Cybersource, Authorize.net, NMI and Stripe, Paypal Payflow, CardConnect, and Bolt Payments. Simply add your details to connect your payment provider with Bolt.

Don’t see your payment processor in the Adobe sign-up? Choose “Other,” type the name of your payment processor, and click Submit request. We’ll reach out when we support your processor.


If a shopper chooses not to create a Bolt account, they can simply uncheck the box.

Your store benefits from Bolt accounts because, when Bolt shoppers return to your site, they get hassle-free, one-click checkout. Bolt shoppers are 67% more likely to make a repeat purchase than guest shoppers.