Bolt acquires Tipser, launches Remote Checkout

These moves let Bolt empower brands of any size to extend their storefront to any digital surface.

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Remote Checkout for Publishers

The omnichannel commerce solution that converts any link into a shoppable experience.

Using Bolt’s Universal Commerce API, create new revenue streams by transforming your website into a marketplace, drive sales with Bolt One Click, and maintain ownership over user data to gain end-to-end insights into the shopper’s journey.

With our acquisition of Tipser, Bolt has accelerated its expansion into leading news and lifestyle media, social media platforms, mobile apps, price comparison sites, and search engines across the world so that retailers can extend their storefronts to reach customers across any surface.

Publishers We Work With

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Say goodbye to costly redirects

Pesky redirects, interstitial pages, and lengthy checkout flows lead to high abandonment. With Bolt and Tipser’s technology united, Remote Checkout replaces the frustrating redirected experience with real-time inventory updates and a seamless on-site and in-app checkout. Turn users into shoppers by enabling them to simply browse and buy—all in one click.

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Survive the cookie apocalypse

Cookies are about to experience an extinction-level event. There’s no question that there will be some inevitable drop-off in initial engagement, but it is still possible to track shopper patterns, even without cookies. By keeping transactions on-site or in-app, Remote Checkout allows you to acquire first-party data at the point of checkout.

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Connect with more retailers

Access hundreds of Bolt merchants and ready-to-go inventory. We’re expanding our network by accommodating merchant needs and eliminating hurdles, which is why our checkout is platform- and payment-agnostic and supports alternative payment methods. Deliver an extensive range of products across diverse industries that your shoppers can easily discover and purchase in one click.

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Generate new revenue streams

Shoppers that click on ads have a high purchase intent. Capitalize on engaged prospects by providing a seamless one-click checkout experience that converts clicks to purchases. Drive sales by delighting your shoppers from the point of discovery to purchase.

Get shopper insights

We know that data powers personalization. But with current solutions, you get only a small window into the shopper’s journey. You miss sales, and shoppers miss products they love. Remote Checkout allows you to gather data from the moment a shopper discovers, engages, and purchases. You gain end-to-end insights that enable you to better understand your shopper.

Use cases

Social Platforms
Ad Publishers

The work of ad optimization goes down the drain when committed users are redirected off the app to purchase. Retailers see little gains from their ad spend, and you lose sight of the user journey. Remote Checkout enables you to keep retailers happy with higher conversion and sales, while you maintain ownership of valuable insights.

Currently, when users are ready to purchase, they are redirected, leading to high abandonment. If they are not met with out-of-stock items, then they are forced through inconsistent and fragmented checkouts. Redirected experiences don’t just frustrate potential shoppers, they also push them out, leading to a loss in traffic and missed revenue. Remote Checkout provides real-time inventory updates and a seamless on-site, in-app checkout to not only convert shoppers, but also keep your traffic.

How it Works

Remote Checkout provides a complete omnichannel commerce experience from discovery to fulfillment. At each step of the purchasing journey, Bolt’s Universal Commerce API and Bolt One Click create a seamless checkout for you, your retailers, and your readers.

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  • The retailer provides the product inventory.
  • Your platform surfaces the ad.
  • Your shopper engages.
  • Bolt syncs retailer catalog to ensure inventory is up-to-date.


  • Your shopper clicks to purchase.
  • They select product details, shipping, delivery, payment, and complete the order all in one click—with no redirects.

*Bolt simplifies complex components to provide a single workstream that manages orders, tax calculation, discounts, shipping and delivery options, payment processors, alternative payment methods, etc.



All orders flow into the retailer’s existing order management system–a critical feature for the retailer, so they don’t have to create separate workstreams. The retailer has one less thing to worry about and can focus on fulfillment.

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