[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Steps to Improve your Checkout

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    The most important part of your website is your checkout. It’s where visitors convert and become customers. Once a customer has selected items from your site and is ready to pay, the purchase process needs to be as smooth as possible. Optimizing your checkout process is perhaps the most effective way to increase conversions on your website. Your checkout must always be designed with the customer in mind.

    Good checkout design is about making things as easy as possible for your users. Designing a fast checkout experience that works for users across all devices is very important.

    Here are 6 steps to improve your checkout – 

    6 steps to improve your checkout

    Step 1: Simplify Steps

    Simplify your checkout by removing unwanted steps, clicks, and input from the user. Wherever possible, automate the process with tools such as Google Places Autocomplete API. The less the user has to input, the smoother the checkout process.

    Step 2: Offer Free Shipping

    One of the main drivers of cart abandonment is unexpected fees and shipping costs. A good way to combat this is to offer free shipping for cart values over a certain total value. Free shipping also makes customers happy and helps increase conversions.

    Step 3: Right Info, Right Time

    Make sure users have all the information they need (shipping, product description, warranty, returns etc.) upfront. Users are less likely to leave if they have answers to all their questions.

    Step 4: Transparency is Key

    Be upfront with users about all costs related to their order so that they are not caught unaware when they reach checkout. Build the trust of the user by stating the level of security offered by your site.

    Step 5: Optimize Site Performance

    Test your website – and checkout – regularly to ensure it is functioning properly. Optimize your site by compressing images, reducing the number of redirects, and caching the latest version of your pages.

    Step 6: Lead with Guest Checkout

    Rework your funnel by offering a guest checkout option. Forcing a user to sign up or sign in before checkout can be a cause to abandon the process. If it is absolutely necessary to get the user to sign up, do it after the order has been placed by sending a link in the order confirmation email.

    Optimizing your checkout is a continuous process. Always test and make changes accordingly, keeping the user experience in mind. A good checkout process will eventually lead to better conversions and growth.