[Video] The Biggest Checkout Design Mistakes and Quick Fixes

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    Shopping online can be a great experience, but it can be frustrating if your checkout isn’t designed the right way. As an online retailer, you need to remember that your checkout process should be smooth from start to finish without creating any obstacles for the customer.

    Here are 5 tips to help you create a better checkout experience which will lead to increased conversions.

    Tip 1: Don’t require a login before purchase

    When a customer has added products to their cart, they are one step closer to completing their purchase. Forcing them to sign in or sign up before their purchase increases the chances of them abandoning their cart. If it is absolutely necessary to create a login, allow the customer to make their purchase and then push the customer towards logging in.

    Tip 2: Use Google places API to auto-complete addresses

    A good practice when dealing with form fields is to reduce the input required by your users. By implementing an API such as Google Places, you can auto-complete the address fields and speed up the checkout process.

    Tip 3: Offer a free shipping option

    A big barrier to a smooth checkout is displaying additional and hidden costs at the last stage of the purchase funnel. Offering free shipping makes sure there are no additional costs that come up before purchase. A good practice is to be upfront with all costs at the first step of checkout.

    Tip 4: Decrease page load time

    Page load times play a very important role in converting browsers to shoppers. If your site has pages that take time to load, a user will exit your website and look for alternatives that work better. Make sure you optimize your site so that you can give shoppers the fastest checkout possible.

    Tip 5: Make everything opt-out, not opt-in

    When a user needs to sign up on your website, they might be hesitant if they believe that your brand will bombard them with multiple promotional emails. It’s a good practice to allow the user to opt-in for emails rather than automatically doing it for them. Keeping the default to opt-out increases the chance a user signs up.

    Use these 5 tips to design a smooth checkout allowing customers to breeze through checkout and complete purchases.


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