Shockingly fast. Refreshingly simple. That’s Bolt checkout.

Your favorite retailers have teamed up with Bolt to provide the best checkout experience possible.

We’re changing the way you buy your favorite products.

With Bolt’s checkout, you get a one click, passwordless experience that effortlessly moves you through the purchase process. Stop getting tripped up by lengthy forms and unnecessary fields - Bolt is the new, secure way to buy.

One account to rule them all

Less typing, more buying. Your Bolt Account remembers important details like shipping and payment information, so you can fill carts, not forms. And having one universal account means you spend less time searching for the right login credentials.

  • Create your account once with one tap.

    Select “save information” and we’ll remember you every time.

  • One click and your purchase is complete.

    Once you have an account, checkout with just one click on this store and any other store using Bolt.

  • No passwords or usernames to remember. Ever.

    Bolt’s One Time Password (OTP) verifies your information with zero friction.

Your trust and safety are important to us.

Your personal details aren’t for sale.

Shopper Protection

When you pay with Bolt, your financial information is encrypted and stored securely in compliance with PCI regulations. Shop easy knowing retailers do not have access to sensitive information.

Continuous Security

Bolt partners with HackerOne which is one of the leading security testing platforms. Bolt uses the HackerOne (currently we are invite-only) bug bounty platform to allow security researchers to report weaknesses and vulnerabilities found within Bolt systems and applications. However, we hope to open the platform to all researchers soon!

PCI Compliance

Bolt is Level 1 PCI Compliant and complies with payment card industry (PCI) standards by tokenizing all credit and debit card numbers processed through our checkout.

SOC 2 Compliance

Bolt is SOC 2 Type II compliant. We believe that continuous improvement in our security programs is pivotal in providing a great, secure product to our merchants and shoppers.

Learn more about how we’re handing your information hereIf you're looking to delete your Bolt account, click hereNeed to contact security? Click here