SMB One-Click Checkout

Flip it on in minutes

Bolt One-Click is now embedded into your favorite ecommerce platforms allowing hundreds of thousands retailers of all sizes to offer tens of millions of shoppers an amazing one-click checkout experience. Accelerate your checkout with a seamless solution that can be enabled in just minutes.

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With Bolt One-Click, retailers can create a single digital identity for their shoppers—eliminating the need to enter passwords, usernames, or personal details—driving engagement and conversion.

Boost your conversion rates

by delivering hassle-free, one-click checkout

Integrate with hundreds of applications

for taxes, shipping, backend software—Bolt Embedded Checkout can easily be tailored for your specific needs.

Access 10s of millions of Bolt Network shoppers

who can check out on your site with a single click, even if they’ve never been to your online store before.

Benefits for Merchants

Retailers and brands around the world need a shopper network that exists outside the major marketplaces, they also need the ability to provide a consistent and seamless one-click checkout experience. Now with Bolt One-Click, they can.

Bolt One-Click enables retailers of all sizes to maintain their branded experience, while simultaneously providing best-in-class checkout and payment enhancements that meet the needs of all their shoppers—both domestically, and internationally.

Benefits for Shoppers

The ecommerce landscape is fragmented. Shoppers are forced to enter passwords, usernames and their personal details for every site they shop at online—as a result, they abandon checkout. They also want to shop securely wherever they choose; regardless of the platform or the underlying technology. Bolt solves these problems, by unifying the payments and accounts infrastructure, and creating a single digital identity for all online shoppers.

Bolt One-Click takes the Bolt network to the next level by unlocking millions of new retailers for consumers to shop at—all without the need to enter passwords, usernames or personal details.