Life at Bolt

At Bolt, we’re building a world-class company that’s solving an exceptionally difficult challenge: democratizing commerce for businesses of all sizes. The only way to do that is by making our team and culture the top priority from the very beginning.

Our aim is to make sure your time at Bolt is a valuable part of a thriving career for you and everyone who works here—past and present. The Bolt name should shine on your resume; not just because we are taking on some of the biggest challenges in Ecommerce and making headway in a hard-to-win industry, but also because we have created a work environment where people learn to drive impact, make big bets and take risks, and grow from feedback, all while feeling welcomed and accepted for who they are.

What we value

One of the top reasons new team members choose Bolt over other companies is our people and our values. Our people are exceptional. Our values are unique, and they unite us.  READ OUR FULL VALUES.

Win-Win Partnerships

Bolt thinks critically about culture. 
They’re not just a list of values on the wall, they’re instilled into our everyday practices. We create an environment where the best ideas win, not the loudest voices in the room.

Writing > Talking

We value writing over talking, it promotes systematic thought and reasoned arguments; creates a results-oriented mindset, removes the influence of the loudest voices in the room, and fosters collaboration across the organization.

Live Curiously

We believe a learning and growth mindset is how we evolve and grow as a business and as individuals. At its core, a growth mindset requires curiosity, humility, and openness to giving and receiving feedback from everyone we work with.

Founder Mentality

We embrace the founder mentality — that means approaching every problem as if we owned the company (because we do), having a bias for action, and doing everything possible to achieve our goals.

United + Unique

Our team is united by many shared values (hunger to solve hard problems, passion for our mission, thoughtfulness, etc). But we also value the strength that comes when we acknowledge, respect, and embrace our unique histories, skills, and experiences. And, we firmly believe that we win when we are united in our differences.

Be 20% Wrong, Chase 10X

We move fast, take risks, and chase big outcomes wherever possible. We act fearlessly, take action without waiting for consensus, experiment, fail (and learn from it) and try again.

Focused on driving impact

To be best-in-class and create an entirely new category for Ecommerce, it starts from the inside. A great company culture needs as much intention and action as any other part of the business. This is especially true as a company grows and scales.

Without a great team, you might have something today, but you’ll have nothing tomorrow. This is a core belief of ours at Bolt. We also believe that great teams only endure with great cultures where impact, outcomes, and execution are balanced with humanity.

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Championing inclusivity

In order for Bolt to achieve its mission, diversity, equity, and inclusion need to be at the heart and center of Bolt’s business initiatives. This means fully committing to building a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

We are dedicated to hiring diverse talent, creating conditions that provide everyone with an equal opportunity to grow and thrive, and providing resources and developing initiatives that buoy and support these values. We’re doing this because we believe that our team members, our product, and our merchants thrive when this is done right.

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Bolt Affinity Groups

Bolt Affinity Groups are one example of how we foster inclusivity — by creating community and connection for our teammates.

  • Bolt BLK

  • BoltQ

  • Bolt Women’s Network


  • Bolt Caregiver’s Network

  • Unidos

Bolt BLK

BLK@ Bolt is a space created to support and uplift teammates who identify as black or in the African diaspora. This space is intended to be safe, inclusive, and supportive. In addition, BLK@ Bolt is designed to address the areas of opportunity for advancement and professional development while empowering black communities and celebrating diversity within the tech industry.

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Why Bolt

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Perks of the job

We believe that you do your best when you feel your best. Here are a few benefits we’re proud to provide our team:

  • Four-Day Workweek, flexible working hours, & unlimited PTO time to promote a healthy work-life balance
  • 100% paid coverage of medical, dental, and vision insurance for employees
  • Remote First location policy to allow team members to live where they choose
  • Work from home stipend to help you succeed in a remote environment
  • Early Exercise program to help Bolters maximize the value of their equity
  • 401K program to help you invest in your future
  • Learning & Development stipend to grow your skills
  • Paid parental leave to support you and your family
  • 11 paid company holidays per year, 5 additional floating holidays, & your birthday off