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    Post-Holiday Merchant Tips

    See some exclusive holiday-shopping data and get some tips on how to better sell in your first quarter.

    eCommerce Tips
    eCommerce Tips
    Tricking Out The Customer Journey To Increase Conversions
    User Experience
    How to Retain New Holiday Shoppers and Make Them Lifetime Customers
    Fraud Chargeback
    Tricking Out The Customer Journey To Increase Conversions
    eCommerce Tips
    The Impact of Fraud Schemes on Your Revenue & The Strategies to Stop Them


    Watch surrounded by buy now, pay later options
    Checkout and Conversion
    Buy Now, Pay Later For Ecommerce: What To Consider

    New consumer behavior trends are emerging in this digital age — Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options being one of the more popular trends. A report by Insider Intelligence projects the Buy Now, Pay Late ...

    Christine Suh   |   Nov 22, 2022

    Ecommerce SEO Checklist for New Stores

    Guest author Jeremy Moser is CEO of uSERP.Are you ready to boost organic traffic to your ecommerce site? Then you have come to the right place. As a new ecommerce store owner, optimizing your ...

    Jeremy Moser   |   Oct 25, 2022

    eCommerce Tips
    Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 Ecommerce Tips

    The clock is ticking for merchants as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and shoppers are expected to buy more this year than ever before. Despite a slowing economy, online reta ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Oct 20, 2022

    Woman shopper on phone with images floating around
    eCommerce Tips
    How To Build Brand Loyalty For Your Ecommerce Brand 

    Loyalty is something we all want but can’t always have. For retailers, brand loyalty means repeat shoppers. Not only that, but repeat shoppers who are big fans of your brand and can advocate for it v ...

    Christine Suh    |   Oct 14, 2022

    girl on phone getting abandoned cart email
    10 Abandoned Cart Email Examples To Use

    The best way to boost your ecommerce store’s revenue is to increase your conversion rate. But, abandoned carts damage your conversion rate. New research from Bolt shows 74% of those who abandon carts ...

    Christine Suh    |   Sep 1, 2022

    eCommerce Tips
    Back-To-School Marketing Campaigns Every Ecommerce Brand Should Have

    The start of a new school year is an exciting time for students, parents, and teachers. For ecommerce brands, it’s also a prime time to ramp up marketing efforts and capitalize on the increased ...

    Christine Suh    |   Aug 29, 2022

    2022 Ecommerce Holiday Guide: Tips & Strategies

    It’s that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner and that means ecommerce merchants need to start preparing for an onslaught of holiday shoppers. In fact, some businesses a ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Aug 16, 2022

    Checkout and Conversion
    The Psychology of Conversion: What Drives Shoppers to Convert?

    Conversion rate marketing for ecommerce businesses can be a bit different than traditional lead generation and sales funnel marketing. Online shoppers are often more interested in getting the best de ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Aug 4, 2022

    Five Ways to Boost Your Average Order Value (AOV)

    Most retailers focus on traffic and conversion, but what many forget to think about is the importance of analyzing Average Order Value (AOV). While it may be intuitive to aim for higher order values, ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Aug 1, 2022

    eCommerce Tips
    5 Ways to Maximize Revenue for Your Online Store

    With the economy headed into an uncertain climate, the retailers who focus on improving ecommerce conversion rates will survive and thrive. That was the takeaway from the latest ThinkShop by Bo ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Jul 28, 2022

    Checkout and Conversion
    The Payment Page: Best Practices for Ecommerce Websites

    When it comes to ecommerce, the payment page is one of the most important pages on the website. This is where customers will complete their purchase. It’s essential to make sure the payment process i ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Jul 28, 2022

    Inside the Mind of Shoppers [Infographic]

    You may know that 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts but do you know why? That’s what the Bolt team was trying to figure out, and we commissioned a survey asking shoppers why they don’t c ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Jul 27, 2022

    eCommerce Tips
    5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates For the Consumer Electronics Industry

    In the consumer electronics space, countless merchants are entering the ecommerce space every day as an effective way to scale their business. With the onset of the pandemic, customers found themselv ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Jul 21, 2022

    Checkout screens from an auto commerce site
    Checkout and Conversion
    5 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates For the Auto Industry

    For the auto industry, it’s easy to get caught up in building a beautiful website with the latest models or parts. But at the end of the day, customers just want a speedy, seamless shopping experienc ...

    The Bolt Team   |   Jul 12, 2022