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The ThinkShop Series is a collection of webinars and virtual roundtables designed to highlight pressing topics. We bring together an assortment of ecommerce experts, retailers, technology partners, and agencies to educate, inspire and empower you with the latest ecommerce insights and strategies.

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BFCM Data Deep-Dive + Post-Holiday Tips

Join us on Dec. 07th for a look at historical shopping data and share key analysis to elevate your BFCM prep in 2022.

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Tuesday | December 07, 2021

12:30 PM EST

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ThinkShop is a collection of virtual events designed to highlight pressing topics in online retail. Industry experts educate and inspire with discussions on the latest ecommerce insights and strategies.

The Retail Coalition (by Bolt), is a community of ecommerce leaders who care deeply about the customer experience and have a desire to change the future of online retail. The network of TRC members comes together on an ongoing basis to discuss the emerging trends in the industry, the actions they’re taking to capitalize on the opportunities and their perspectives on the latest research insights.

Bolt is on a mission to perfect the checkout experience for online retailers and make sure nothing gets in the way when shoppers decide to buy. Bolt's mobile-optimized checkout is coupled with a unique approach to fraud detection that approves more good orders. By converting more shoppers into customers, Bolt has become the proven choice of customer-obsessed retailers.

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