Bolt One-Click Checkout For BigCommerce Frequently Asked Questions

The Bolt Difference & Shopper Experience

Bolt powers one-click checkout that boosts checkout conversion by more than 50%*. Bolt has a network of tens of millions of shoppers who can checkout in one click. Bolt works with your existing payment processor. Instead of adding a new option for checking out, Bolt powers the buy button. This keeps checkout simple and conversion high.

*We calculate checkout conversion taking into account the shoppers who check out compared to the shoppers who start the checkout process. This is different from comparing checkout to overall site traffic.


Bolt boosts checkout conversion by more than 50% because one-click checkout makes buying online a breeze. Shoppers can check out easier and faster, and they have a better experience. Plus, they are 66% more likely to make a repeat purchase than guest shoppers.

Here is what Bolt one-click checkout looks like for shoppers:

Bolt shoppers convert at 74%, which is an average of 50% more than guest shopper conversion. 

Craig Bates, Ecommerce Manager at the Hoffmann Group USA said, “Bolt is the absolute best choice for a checkout solution. Not only for small businesses but for businesses of all sizes who wanna see rapid growth and accelerated customer experiences only available to them if they use Bolt. I’ve looked at a number of different competitors and Bolt was the best solution because it offers the best return on investment, the best customer service, ease of use and scalability. There’s no comparison, there’s Bolt and everyone else is lagging behind.”

Additionally, large brands like Forever21 have seen great results with Bolt. Just 60 days after deploying Bolt, ​​Forever21 was already seeing 30% of their transactions as one-click with Bolt network shoppers.

Many retailers have gone live in just 2 minutes.

Here’s a summary of the step by step process:

  • Start in the BigCommerce dashboard
  • Input account details 
  • Integrate with your existing payment processor
  • Go live with Bolt and give shoppers one-click checkout 

Watch this 3 minute video that walks you through the steps.

With Bolt, you can expect conversion to increase by more than 50% because of the streamlined, one-click checkout. Plus Bolt network shoppers are 66% more likely to make a repeat purchase than guest shoppers.

Bolt brings known shoppers to your site so you can personalize their experience and ultimately increase customer lifetime value.


Pricing starts at $19.99/month and scales based on your yearly sales. After using Bolt for 1 month, we take your store’s gross merchandise volume (GMV) and multiply it by 12 to estimate your sales over  a year.

To estimate your price and ROI check out our calculator.

Here’s a breakdown to help visualize your pricing more clearly

Annual GMVMonthly cost

Once you’ve used Bolt for 12 months, we’ll charge based on your trailing annual GMV.

Product Questions

Bolt offers two options: Ecommerce platform checkout powered by Bolt and end-to-end checkout

Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce is a lighter integration that’s easy to turn on through your BigCommerce store in a couple of minutes. It doesn’t replace BigCommerce checkout, but enhances it with one-click checkout for more than 10 million shoppers who are already part of the Bolt network.
Bolt will power one-click checkout for all shoppers in the Bolt Network.
Guest checkout will continue to be powered by BigCommerce technology.

Bolt’s end-to-end checkout replaces BigCommerce’s checkout and requires a more thorough integration. It can be customized to your requirements.
Bolt will power guest checkout in addition to one-click checkout for shoppers in the Bolt Network.
If you’re interested in learning more about this option, fill in a few details here and we’ll be in touch.

When Bolt recognizes a shopper’s email or phone number, Bolt sends a One Time Password to the shopper. This is for security purposes to verify the shopper’s identity. If a shopper is logged into a browser like Google Chrome they will skip the One Time Password step.

Bolt has technology called Bolt Single Sign On (SSO), which simultaneously creates Bolt and retailers accounts. Currently, SSO is only available for Bolt’s end-to-end CheckoutOS. This capability will be coming soon to Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce

No, at this time BigCommerce checkout powered by Bolt is just for US shoppers.

Payments Processing

Please see our setup documentation that walks through how to connect to your payment provider.

No, Bolt will not become your payment processor. Bolt works with your current payment processor and will not interrupt your ability to process transactions.

Bolt doesn’t affect your processor, but works with it. It’s possible that the details that you can see in your payment processor’s drill down reports will change. It’s also possible that workflows will be adjusted. 

For more details, see this document that walks through the steps of setting up Bolt to work with your payment processor.

You can connect to most payment service providers (PSP). Bolt works with Adyen, Braintree Direct, Paypal Powered by Braintree, Cybersource,, NMI and Stripe. Simply add your details to connect your payment provider with Bolt. 


Don’t see your payment processor in the BigCommerce sign-up? Choose “Other,” type the name of your payment processor, and click Submit request. We’ll reach out when we support your processor.

BigCommerce checkout powered by Bolt allows for Alternative Payment Methods such as buy now pay later to be used in the BigCommerce native guest checkout. Shoppers that choose to use these APMs can exit the one click, logged in checkout to leverage these options.


If a shopper chooses not to create a Bolt account, they can simply uncheck the box.

Your store benefits from Bolt accounts because, when Bolt shoppers return to your site, they get hassle-free, one-click checkout. Bolt shoppers are 66% more likely to make a repeat purchase than guest shoppers.

Yes you can. You can change this in your BigCommerce control panel. 

Yes, this can be configured. You can choose between auto-capture or manual. Auto-capture will take funds at the point of purchase. Manual will charge the shopper when the order is shipped. To learn more, check out this help article.

Bolt uses Chargebee to manage invoices. You can input your credit card information into Chargebee for automated billing. Bolt will provide you with statements from Chargebee.

You can do so using your standard process in the BigCommerce administrative control panel or within the Bolt merchant dashboard. Learn more about how to do this here.

In Bolt’s dashboard you can find data on transactions, checkout rate, and how Bolt’s network of one-click shoppers are impacting your business. To learn more about logging into the Bolt dashboard for the first time, see this help article.

You can access analytics in the Bolt dashboard. Additionally, you’ll receive email updates from Bolt that will include helpful analytics. In the future, Bolt analytics will be integrated into the BigCommerce dashboard.

To learn more about logging into the Bolt dashboard for the first time, see this help article.


Route is a shipping insurance provider that works with BigCommerce checkout powered by Bolt. Route is supported for both one-click and guest checkout.

At this time, Bolt does not integrate with loyalty programs like and Yotpo

Additional Support

Reach out to our support team by emailing or submitting a request here.

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