Bolt Acquires Tipser and Launches Remote Checkout

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Ryan Breslow

Founder, Executive Chairman

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Bolt Acquires Tipser and Launches Remote Checkout

When was the last time a digital ad was a delightful experience?

It’s a question we ask ourselves all the time at Bolt. With millions of shoppers using our network, we’ve come to believe that the current capabilities and experiences of digital ads could use an upgrade. There’s a reason that the market for ad blockers and ad filtering is as thick as it is—no one misses these ads when they’re gone.

But more importantly, ads could be so much more than they are today. Think about it: You see an ad for something you like in the middle of a social feed or a website. Then you click away to the store. Maybe you have shopped there before; maybe you haven’t. Either way, you’re now forced to stop whatever you were doing to conduct a transaction—including spending time inputting a bunch of information you’ve keyed in so many times before. By the time you’re done, you can’t remember what you were reading or looking at before.

The ad, in that context, was an interruption—but it doesn’t have to be that way. To that end, Bolt is announcing our acquisition of Tipser, the Swedish-based tech company enabling commerce on any digital surface. Together, we will bring to life a shared vision of allowing shoppers to check out immediately at the point of discovery, and we’re going to build solutions that make checkout simpler and easier at the point of discovery. To put it simply, we’re going to transform digital ads as we know it.

Tipser has spent the past 10 years perfecting its embedded commerce technology that allows consumers to purchase products natively on any surface—whether in an online publication, a mobile marketplace, a price comparison site, a social media platform, or a search engine. Building upon Tipser’s technology, Bolt will be leveraging their turn-key publisher marketplaces, touchless merchant integrations, and headless implementation capabilities to enhance Bolt’s Remote Checkout solution.

By combining Tipser’s technology and Bolt SSO Commerce, Remote Checkout will enable publishers—who often struggle to build direct relationships with their consumers—to leverage Bolt’s one-click account creation and tap into Bolt’s network of shoppers. With Tipser’s and Bolt’s technology united, our retail partners will be able to unlock one-click checkout at the point of discovery on social media or in digital publications, all while integrating into their existing workflow. For our retail partners and our shoppers, this should feel like all Bolt products: a process so seamless it’s magical.

The best part about Remote Checkout is that we’ve added another “win” to “win-win.” Merchants, publishers, and shoppers all benefit from Remote Checkout. Now, any publishers or social channels hosting Remote Checkout have the ability to keep their users on their sites and experiences. No more watching users peel away to take actions on another site or app. Merchants benefit from rapid conversion, speedier checkout and fewer wasted ad dollars—a pain point that Bolt has focused on for years. And best of all, shoppers get to move fluidly through a reading and purchasing experience.

Our acquisition of Tipser and launch of Remote Checkout will help us fulfill our mission: simplifying and democratizing the checkout experience, and helping both merchants and shoppers along the way. As importantly, we are amazed at how Tipser’s culture and values align with Bolt’s own Conscious Culture. We’re excited to welcome the Tipser team into our ranks, and look forward to seeing our combined efforts transform digital purchasing from the ground up.


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