Bolt Boosts Disputes Features To Save You Time

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Jennifer Lee

Product Marketing Manager, Bolt

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Bolt new fraud features on laptop

At Bolt, we believe fraud prevention should fuel your growth, not impede it. With that principle in mind, we’re happy to announce a suite of new features which will help you mitigate fraud and help you grow your revenue.

With the launch of these features, we’ve automated processes to make it easier to manage disputes tasks or we’ve consolidated disputes data in one place so you can have it quickly at your fingertips.

The Dispute Dashboard

Bolt is now consolidating all your dispute information into a single location, making it easier to have a holistic picture of your business performance. This simplifies managing disputes by giving you improved visibility into the stage, reason, and liability of each transaction. You’ll also get a clear understanding of any actions required from your team.

Whether you’re using Bolt as your payments facilitator or your own payments processor, you can use the new Dispute Dashboard as your operational hub for handling disputes. It gives you real-time insights into the stage, reason, and liability of each transaction—all in a single location.

You get at-a-glance information about:

  • What pending actions are needed from your team
  • Which disputes Bolt covers as a part of its fraud chargeback guarantee
  • When will Bolt reimburse you for the chargebacks that are covered
  • The transaction ID, the amount disputed, the dispute date, and much more.

Dispute Statements

We’ve heard from customers that sometimes, they need to kick off deeper analysis of their disputes. To better accommodate that, we’ve added the ability to easily download your monthly dispute information as a standard CSV.

With this, you can answer critical business questions like:

  • How many disputes have I incurred over a period of time?
  • How does that dispute figure compare to a different period of time?
  • Which disputes are Bolt liable for vs. which disputes is your business liable for?
  • How do I reconcile these disputes against my monthly invoice (if you’re using a different payment gateway)?

You can access your dispute statements in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard by:

  • Clicking on the “Statements” tab
  • Then clicking on the “Disputes” sub-tab

Learn more about dispute statements.

Submitting Manual Disputes

For some Bolt customers on certain payment gateways, the dispute process can be a bit of a manual process. We’ve now automated that manual workflow, ensuring that disputes can be tracked and reimbursed with minimal human error.

You can simply submit the dispute through the Bolt Merchant dashboard. From there, our Risk team will review it and provide you a notification about liability and coverage through the Merchant Dashboard. For covered disputes, the credit will appear in the following month’s invoice.

Learn more about submitting manual disputes.

Shipping Address Updates

Sometimes, the shipping address needs to be updated after an order has been placed. ou can now easily inform Bolt of these address updates, ensuring those orders remain indemnified under our chargeback protection policy.

Simply submit these address updates in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard, and you’ll be able to see whether the update was approved in the transaction events log. You’ll also receive email notifications for approvals and rejections.

Learn more about updating shipping address for a transaction.

Bolt Is Your Accelerator

A common thread of these features is that these provide automated solutions to what used to be manual tasks. These new features to our Fraud Protection solution are just the latest examples of how Bolt is laser-focused on bringing you impactful new features and services that help you solve critical business problems.


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