Bolt launches social login support for SSO, sees 30% of account registration from social logins

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Chelsea Ortiz

Product Marketing Manager

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Bolt launches social login support for SSO,  sees 30% of account registration from social logins

When Bolt first launched SSO Commerce, it was built with one main mission: fixing the account landscape. From too many account options in checkout for shoppers to low account registration rates and adoption for retailers, there was a need in the market for a solution that addressed both sides of the account problem. 

The result? SSO Commerce unites retailers’ store accounts and Bolt accounts–enabling you to benefit from Bolt’s one-click account registration and passwordless login.

These two account systems address different points in the shopping journey. For example, retailers’ store accounts, which typically use a username and password combination for login, let shoppers access things like past order history, loyalty programs, wish lists, and more. Whereas Bolt accounts, which use a one-time password (OTP), give shoppers a secure, one-click checkout experience across merchants in the Bolt network. 

With SSO Commerce, retailers acquire more customer accounts without a lengthy registration process, and shoppers have a single, unified account experience. 
To build on the success of SSO, we’re excited to announce support for social logins. This update allows shoppers to create and log in to their accounts using popular social networks like Google and Apple—making it easier for shoppers to sign up and log in to their accounts.

With Social Login for SSO, shoppers can now use Google and Apple to access any perks you already offer account holders, including wish lists, past order history, and more. Plus, they enjoy a one-click checkout once they’re ready to make a purchase.

Expanding how shoppers can create and log in to accounts enables retailers to turn more anonymous guest shoppers into account-holding customers. Specifically, social logins allow retailers to: 

  • Increase security and trust
    • Allow shoppers to log in securely with familiar and trusted methods they regularly use. 
  • Improve the user experience
    • Give shoppers more login options and the flexibility to choose whichever way they prefer.
  • Stay at the forefront of account innovation
    • Offer shoppers the most up-to-date authentication options instead of solely relying on traditional username and password combinations.

Before rolling out social login support to all retailers using SSO, Bolt ran an A/B test to monitor the impact of social logins. Within the SSO login modal, 50% of shoppers saw the control and 50% of shoppers saw the treatment.

  • Control: no social logins are shown
  • Treatment: social logins are shown (Google and Apple)

As a result, the team saw the following impact from social login support compared to other login methods (email and phone):

  • Registration adoption:
    • Social login used 30% of the time to create new accounts. 
  • What this means:
    • Social login is already comprising a large percentage of account registrations. One reason social login is popular is because shoppers actively use these familiar and trusted account methods to create accounts–making it easier for shoppers to sign up and log in to their accounts.

If you are a Bolt customer and want to get started with the SSO, please get in touch with your success manager. 

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