Bolt One-Click Checkout Now Integrates Seamlessly Into Your BigCommerce Store for Free

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Bob Buch

Bob Buch is the Chief Business Officer of Bolt

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As merchants try to make it easier for customers to buy online, we’re seeing the proliferation of checkout buttons. This means stores are starting to look more like a confusing NASCAR uniform instead of a delightful shopping experience that makes checkout a breeze.

Today, we’re thrilled to say Bolt One-Click Checkout is now available in your BigCommerce store一and instead of being just another button to confuse users, Bolt is built right into your existing guest checkout and automatically accelerates checkout. Businesses of all sizes can now turn on Bolt in minutes to enable an optimized checkout experience that has resulted in conversion rates of over 50%.

As a leading open SaaS solution, B2B and B2C companies across 150 countries use BigCommerce to create beautiful, engaging online stores. Bolt is ideal for BigCommerce merchants who want to convert, retain and delight shoppers with a seamless checkout experience.

“The last two years have accelerated changes in what consumers expect to get out of their shopping experience, where trends like buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), buy now, pay later (BNPL) and payments processing, are rapidly gaining traction. Having the right technology and infrastructure in place is essential for merchants to deliver on those expectations while focusing on the business at hand,” said Russell Klein, chief commercial officer for BigCommerce. “Expanding availability of Bolt One-Click Checkout to all of our merchants will enable those store owners to further refine and optimize their checkout and overall conversion rates strategies, while still preserving their access to the myriad payment and other technology partner solutions that they also want to deploy.”

Bolt One-Click Checkout for BigCommerce: Free for all Merchants

Bolt’s mission is to democratize commerce. We are equipping merchants of all sizes with the best tools and technology to compete with the goliaths in ecommerce. That’s why we’re happy to say Bolt One-Click Checkout for BigCommerce is free for all merchants. Even better, it only takes a few minutes to turn Bolt on. Try Bolt free for 90 days here.

When you sign up for a free 90-day trial of Bolt for BigCommerce, you get one-click checkout for your customers and access to tens of millions of happy shoppers on the Bolt network who can check out on your site with a single click, even if they’ve never been to your store before. 

After the trial period, you can still get the delightful one-click checkout experience for your existing customers for free. If you want to continue your access to Bolt’s network of one-click shoppers, there is a 1% transaction fee only for these shoppers. You can get more details about pricing on the Bolt on BigCommerce FAQ.

How Merchants Benefit from Bolt One-Click Checkout for BigCommerce

With Bolt One-Click Checkout, returning customers can skip the headache of remembering passwords and filling out long forms. Every shopper in the Bolt network can easily check out from your store with a single click, even if they’ve never visited your site before. You’ll have the power to: 

  • Offer shoppers a delightful checkout experience. Bolt One-Click Checkout isn’t just “another button.” It empowers merchants of all sizes to offer a great checkout experience and it’s built right into your BigCommerce store and works with your existing payment processor. 
  • Increase conversion. Bolt One-Click Checkout increases sales for BigCommerce merchants by improving conversion rates with a frictionless checkout experience. On average, BigCommerce retailers who use Bolt One Click Checkout have seen conversion rates increase more than 50%, as well as significant increases in repurchase rates and AOV.
  • Setup in minutes. You don’t have to be a big business with a huge budget and a programming team to set up Bolt One-Click Checkout. Bolt is pre-built into your store一this means you can flip it on in minutes and it works with 160+ integrations, payment processing, and more. 
  • Grow your network & business. By integrating with Bolt, you’ll be part of a fast-growing network of shoppers and merchants. 
  • Customer analytics. Gain shopper insights on transactions by simply logging into the Bolt merchant dashboard一there you can access data on network-driven sales volume, account creation, AOV and more with embedded accelerated checkout.

BigCommerce + Bolt success stories

BigCommerce merchants have already seen a big payoff with Bolt over the past year. During Cyber Week 2021, Bolt accounted for 9% of overall BigCommerce sales. And customers also spent more per order when using Bolt.

Badgley Mischka uses Bolt to increase conversion rates

By enabling one-click account creation and one-click checkout with Bolt accounts, Badgley Mischka saw higher conversion rates and higher average order value, with behavioral stats that point to the power of cross-network experiences.

One-Click Checkout has already been a game-changer for BigCommerce businesses like luxury retailer Badgley Mishka, from increasing conversion to higher average order values.

When Badgley Mischka partnered with Bolt in January 2020, they were already building a world-class ecommerce experience and their first priority was to fix the checkout experience for their customers by removing roadblocks to checkout conversion.

Katie Ouaknine, owner of Badgley Mischka’s online store, recalls that “we were having a huge drop-off at checkout. Our customer intake form before shipping and billing was deterring customers so much that our conversion rate was in the garbage.”

By switching to Bolt, Badgley Mischka saw an 80% conversion rate for shoppers in the Bolt network and 15% higher average order value on transactions from shoppers in the network. 

“Since [implementing] Bolt, we’ve definitely rebounded,” Ouaknine said. “I wish all of our customers could be in the Bolt network. It increases their checkout conversion and just makes everything easier.”

Bolt + BigCommerce: For businesses of all sizes

But Bolt is not only being used by large retailers like Badgley Mischka, ecommerce businesses of all sizes have found success using Bolt to scale their business. Take Hoffmann Group USA for example. Even though Hoffmann was a 100-plus-year-old, billion-dollar business based out of Germany with a presence in 18 countries, their U.S. operations were lean. The team had a small budget and consisted of a few dozen people, including a one-man ecommerce team.

Craig Bates, Hoffmann Group USA’s ecommerce manager, was tasked with developing and executing a comprehensive ecommerce strategy. He used BigCommerce to build their website on his own in just three months. 

“Bolt is the absolute best choice for a checkout solution,” said Craig Bates, Ecommerce Manager at the Hoffman Group USA. “Not only for small businesses but for businesses of all sizes who want to see rapid growth and accelerated customer experiences that are only available to them if they use Bolt.” 

When Hoffmann Group USA joined the Bolt network in October of 2021 as a BigCommerce merchant, Bates was immediately impressed by how easy Bolt was to integrate into their current website. 

“The tech team walked me through how to do it and it was so easy. The service was amazing,” said Bates. “Comparing Bolt’s functionality, features and customer support  to what we were using before, it was night and day.” 

Hoffmann Group USA continues to scale in the U.S., aiming to grow available product SKUs from 4,500 to over 7,000 SKUs. It’s aiming to continue to grow revenue in this year and beyond, after tripling initial revenue goals in 2021. The company is also looking to take advantage of Bolt’s network of tens of millions of shoppers worldwide and growing to expand beyond B2C customers to also increase their B2B business.

Try Bolt One-Click Checkout for BigCommerce today

Join Badgley Mischka, Hoffmann Group USA, and nearly 100 active BigCommerce merchants that are already using Bolt to improve their customer experience. If you are a BigCommerce merchant and want to use Bolt, sign up today to learn more.


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