Increase the LTV of Your Customers with Bolt’s Upgraded Post-Purchase Experience

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Chelsea Ortiz

Product Marketing Manager

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Increase the LTV of Your Customers with Bolt’s Upgraded Post-Purchase Experience

The shopping experience doesn’t end when a customer buys a product. In fact, shoppers can visit a tracking page 4-5 times per order. This means that it’s not only imperative to give shoppers real-time information for their orders, but it’s a great opportunity to drive additional engagement and keep customers coming back. 

Strong post-purchase experiences not only reduce “where’s my order?” support tickets for your staff, but they can also serve as additional sales channels where shoppers can easily reorder past purchases and make additional orders with personalized product recommendations. 

This is why we’re excited to roll out a new and improved post-purchase experience with a huge upgrade for Bolt retailers. Newly designed order confirmation and order tracking pages ensure that shoppers have everything they need to manage their orders and you have new opportunities to drive additional revenue. 

Enabling both order confirmation and order tracking pages ensure you’re providing the best post-purchase experience possible to your customers. Order confirmation pages, which are shown to shoppers directly after they’ve completed checkout, summarize order details and allow them to sign up for additional information with SMS updates or account creation. Order tracking pages, which are accessible to shoppers from email or SMS links, give shoppers tracking details on the status of their orders and allow shoppers to make additional purchases. 

Updated designs for Bolt’s order confirmation pages (top) and order tracking pages (bottom).

In addition to newly designed order confirmation and order tracking pages, below is the full of new features that will be available in Bolt’s post-purchase upgrade.

Bolt account creation opt-in

  • Drive additional account registrations after the point of purchase. For retailers with SSO Commerce enabled, this also creates a store account on your site.

SMS opt-in for order tracking

  • Allow shoppers to easily sign up for real-time SMS updates for order tracking details

Product recommendations

  • Inspire future purchases and let shoppers easily add new products to their carts

Order tracking for Bolt account and guest shoppers

  • Ensure that all of your shoppers have easy access to order tracking information

Reorders on order tracking pages

  • Let shopper repurchase past orders

For retailers currently using Bolt’s order confirmation and order tracking pages, everything will look and feel like improved experiences for your shoppers. They still get access to the relevant order tracking information they need, while you get more opportunities to drive brand loyalty and increase the lifetime value of your customers. 

For retailers not currently offering these experiences to their shoppers, now is a great time to enable both order confirmation and order tracking pages. Everything is integrated directly through Bolt–eliminating the need for outside vendors and a laundry list of contractors. 

So how will Bolt’s post-purchase upgrade help your business? You’ll see:

  • Increased account registrations post-checkout 
  • More repeat purchases through product recommendations and reorders
  • Reduced support tickets for your staff with real-time order information and SMS updates for both logged-in and guest shoppers

If you are a Bolt customer and would like to get started with the Post-Purchase Upgrade please contact your success manager. 

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