Shopper Assistant + SSO Commerce Increase Account Creation and Conversion for Retailers

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Shopper Assistant + SSO Commerce Increase Account Creation and Conversion for Retailers

SSO Commerce Background

Thanks to long and tedious registration forms, converting guest shoppers into account holders has become a huge problem for retailers. What’s worse? Shoppers who have accounts aren’t logging in and actively using them because they must remember yet another username and password combination.  

Bolt redefined the login layer with SSO Commerce, a cohesive solution that addresses both account creation and login issues. ​​SSO Commerce unites retailer accounts and Bolt accounts–enabling brands to benefit from Bolt’s:

  1. One-click account registration
  2. Passwordless login

The result? Retailers acquire more customer accounts without lengthy registration processes and increase the number of logged-in shoppers on their site with safer and faster login experiences. 

With SSO Commerce, Bolt creates a store account on behalf of retailers alongside every Bolt account that is created.

For shoppers, there’s no need to remember countless username and password combinations. Instead, they can quickly log in to their account with a secure, one-time password (OTP). Plus, shoppers still have access to any existing perks with a retailer, including order history, wish lists, and more. But with Bolt, they also get the added benefit of checking out in a single click

Since Bolt launched SSO Commerce in 2021, dozens of retailers have grown their account bases by leveraging Bolt’s one-click account registration and passwordless login. Many have enjoyed a 2x increase in account registrations after implementing SSO. At Bolt, we recognize that the future of checkout is check-in. As a result, increasing the amount of logged-in account holders on your site directly translates into increasing the lifetime value of shoppers.

Introducing Shopper Assistant

To build upon the success of SSO, Bolt is excited to launch its newest product innovation: the Shopper Assistant. The Shopper Assistant goes one step further than SSO because, in addition to driving account registrations and logins, it keeps customers engaged at every step of the shopping journey. The Shopper Assistant is the first virtual shopping assistant that enables retailers to: 

  • Turn anonymous guest shoppers into account holding customers
  • Provide faster and easier login experiences for returning shoppers
  • Increase conversion with personalized experiences

First-Time Shoppers

For first-time shoppers, many online retailers support other modals to drive engagement–including intrusive pop-up windows that ask shoppers to sign up for newsletters to receive a discount off their first purchase. However, these experiences are tedious for shoppers who are required to find, copy, and manually enter the code within checkout. These pop-ups also typically serve as email sign-ups instead of account registrations–meaning retailers miss a critical opportunity of converting guest shoppers into account holders. 

The Shopper Assistant drives account registrations, not just email sign-ups. First-time shoppers are incentivized to create an account to receive a 10% discount off of their first order immediately applied at checkout–eliminating the need for shoppers to hunt through their emails to find a code to enter when they’re ready to make a purchase.

First-time shoppers are incentivized to create an account and receive a 10% discount off their first purchase. 

Returning Shoppers

For returning shoppers, online retailers showcase personalized information, including past order history, order tracking for live orders, product recommendations, and more. However, this information is often located on different pages across a retailer’s website instead of a single location for shoppers. Making matters more challenging, information is only useful if shoppers log in and use their accounts. Customers logging into their accounts is a huge problem for retailers. In fact, 72% of guest checkout shoppers selected this option even if they have an existing account with the brand. 

The Shopper Assistant not only conveniently showcases common shopper needs–including past order history, order tracking for live orders, recently viewed products, product recommendations, and reorders–but it improves the login process. Traditional username and password combinations are replaced with one-time passwords (OTP) so that more customers can securely and quickly log in to their accounts. 

Returning shoppers can access order tracking for live orders, past order history, product recommendations, recently viewed, and buy it again.

TYLER’S, a leading clothing and specialty shoe store, was one of the first brands to use the Shopper Assistant. “The main reason I decided to implement Shopper Assistant was to increase our returning customer base and make it more simplistic to house shopper accounts in one location,” explained Justin Dermit, Director of Ecommerce and Marketing at TYLER’S.

Before rolling out the Shopper Assistant to 100% of website traffic on, the team ran an A/B test to monitor the Shopper Assistant’s impact on account registration, logged-in rates, and checkout conversion. 50% of all website traffic would receive the control and 50% of all website traffic would receive the treatment:

  • Control: no Shopper Assistant, no sign-up discount (SSO enabled)
  • Treatment: Shopper Assistant with 10% discount (SSO enabled)

The results spoke for themselves at the end of the Shopper Assistant A/B test. With the Shopper Assistant, TYLER’S saw:

  • 16% increase in account creation
  • 14% increase in logged-in shopper rate
  • 6% increase in checkout conversion, on top of the baseline improvement in checkout conversion already offered by Bolt

By incentivizing first-time shoppers to create accounts, streamlining the login experience for returning shoppers, and providing personalized experiences, the Shopper Assistant enabled TYLER’S to meet the needs of their shoppers better and increase the lifetime value of these customers.

If you are a Bolt customer and want to get started with the Shopper Assistant and SSO, please get in touch with your success manager. 

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