Bolt Summer Release: 18 New Features to Increase Conversion

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Bolt Team

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Bolt Summer Release: 18 New Features to Increase Conversion

We’re excited to share the launch of 10+ new features in May, June and July to help businesses of all sizes grow while navigating the challenges of uncertain times. Our new features are focused on helping merchants grow revenue, target customers amid increased privacy restrictions, and increase personalization that drives conversion.

Here are a few highlights of the 10+ features we’ve launched since Spring 2022.

Register here for our summer release virtual event on August 2, 2022 to see Bolt’s latest features in action. 

Innovative solutions for empowering merchants to grow revenue

Attract new customers and increase retention

Retailers need an entire customer experience solution that converts guest checkouts into shopper accounts—unlocking the lifetime value potential of personalized experiences. That’s why we’re especially excited by the launch of Shopper Assistant, a customizable widget that enhances the shopping experience on your website and allows you to:

  • Turn anonymous guest shoppers into account-holding customers
  • Improve the shopper experience by hosting frequent actions in a single modal 
  • Build differentiated experiences for new vs. returning shoppers, including: Sign-up discounts for first-time shoppers & Past purchase history, product recommendations, recently viewed, and reorders for returning shoppers

The Shopper Assistant becomes even more valuable alongside SSO Commerce. SSO Commerce unites merchants’ store accounts and Bolt accounts–enabling you to benefit from Bolt’s one-click account registration and passwordless login. With these two products enabled, SSO Commerce creates accounts on your behalf within the Shopper Assistant–instantly increasing registrations. 

Buying at the point of inspiration

The digital age is upon us, and brands are innovating their offerings to attract increasingly tech-savvy consumers. And with privacy changes, reaching your shoppers where they are is getting increasingly difficult. Bolt Checkout Links give merchants the ability to create one-click links and sell products on first-party surfaces outside of their site–including emails, blogs, and newsletters.  Bolt Checkout Links allow merchants to reach audiences at scale with easy-to-set-up links that increase conversion, and decrease shopping cart abandonment rate. 

Awareness campaigns at events and ads like billboards or street kiosks have become new conversion channels. Regardless of where you advertise, every campaign will be aimed at increasing your bottom line. Physical ads that targeted millions now become digital ads for revenue with specialized QR codes. 

To ease the shopping experience, once shoppers arrive at your online store, they can use the Buy Now feature to purchase an item as soon as they see it. Fewer redirects mean less friction for the customer and make it easy for shoppers to checkout directly from a product page. 

Increase average order values and increase conversion

With pressure on ad and marketing budgets, companies must make every dollar count and maximize average order value. In addition, merchants have the opportunity to drive revenue if they recommend personalized products to shoppers, especially when they have a high purchase intent.

Personalized add-ons allow merchants to maximize average orders values (AOV) and delight shoppers with new product recommendations. With the launch of dynamic upsells, merchants can now upsell products in checkout based on what’s in a shopper’s cart. Merchants can use their own recommendation engine (in-house or third-party service) to generate upsells to be shown in Bolt’s checkout. Product add-ons delight shoppers with products they otherwise would never come across, but would be excited to purchase. 

Inspire customer loyalty after checkout

The shopper experience doesn’t end when shoppers click to purchase. It’s important that shoppers have an excellent post-purchase experience so they are loyal to your brand. 

Bolt is excited to roll out a new and improved post-purchase experience, which includes newly designed order tracking and order confirmation pages with features such as account creation, SMS update sign ups, product recommendations, and customization options for tailoring the experience to your brand’s look and feel. 

With these new features, merchants can increase account registrations post-checkout, drive repeat purchases with personalized product recommendations and reorders, and reduce support tickets for your staff with real-time order information and SMS updates for both logged-in and guest shoppers.

Never miss an order

Even the best payment processors have outages, which keeps shoppers from checking out and decreases revenue for merchants. Never miss an order with Bolt’s built-in backup payment processor, eliminating declined payments from outages.  Bolt Payments is the default backup and acts as a fail-safe when your primary processor goes down, providing the security of knowing that payments will still be processed, even when outages occur. ​​

For more information about our launches, register for our summer release webinar August 2, 2022 and visit:


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