Nearly 50 Upgrades Help Bolt Retailers Stand Out in a Crowded Ecommerce Market

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Upgrades to Bolt

When merchants work with Bolt, they quickly learn that we exceed the big promises they read about in publications like TechCrunch. We currently offer the most complete checkout experience available. As of this winter, Bolt now supports self-service options that integrate with Adobe Commerce and BigCommerce, an industry-leading tool to check out from any digital surface, and a growing European footprint

But beyond the newsworthy features are several lesser-known updates (48 in the winter to be exact!) that also improve how our merchants interact with their shoppers. Here are a few highlights from the 48 product features launched in the winter. 

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Innovations Only Available On Bolt

Bolt Network Access: Flexibility is at the heart of our Bolt network. We understand that some retailers have invested considerable time and resources into building their current checkout experiences, and we don’t expect them to abandon those efforts just yet. 

That’s why we have decoupled almost every part of our checkout experience. Using this approach allows our retailers to mix and match the Bolt features they need to best serve their customers. 

One of those customizable parts is access to our Bolt Network, which gives retailers access to tens of millions of shoppers who can use one-click checkout, even if they’ve never been to their site before. Retailers can now access our fast-growing network while maintaining the checkout experience they worked hard to build.. 

One-Click Wallet: Alternative payment methods (APMs) are not so alternative anymore. Some estimates suggest APMs now account for over 43% of global transactions, and that figure is expected to balloon over the next few years.

Yet many retailers can’t move fast enough to add APMs to their checkout process. Not offering shoppers their preferred payment methods, APMs or not, has contributed to the $1T cart abandonment problem that plagues the industry. 

With the launch of Bolt One-Click Wallet, shoppers can now connect, save, and manage their APMs in the same one-click checkout experience they’ve come to enjoy from Bolt. Unlike other offerings, Bolt’s One-Click Wallet supports the largest breadth of APMs, including PayPal and Affirm. 

Payment Settings: In the not-so-distant past, there was a digital divide between engineers and everyone else. Launching and maintaining a checkout experience with a fraction of Bolt’s capabilities would have required an experienced team of engineers. This was not ideal for independent retailers who lacked resources or technical know-how. We thought that should change. 

So we recently launched our new Payment Settings. This update gives retailers a minimal-code, self-service solution to manage their credit card processors and alternative payment methods right from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. 

Merchant Dashboard: The cutthroat competition in Ecommerce often leaves merchants asking the same questions. Where do shoppers drop off in the checkout process? What’s the average order value (AOV) of a customer? How do most customers pay at checkout? Data can often answer each question, but when the data lives in disparate sources or contains significant irregularities, merchants will struggle to uncover any valuable insights. 

With our Merchant Dashboard, merchants no longer have to worry about where their data lives or what it says. It’s all stored on our Merchant Dashboard with additional reports and information on shoppers’ behavior across the entire Bolt Network. Having this information at arms’ length ensures our merchants have the answers they need to make better business decisions. 

Bolt Shopper Assistant: Now more than ever, retailers need to deliver a personalized experience, from the products they sell to the recommendations on their website. To make this easier for our merchants, we are releasing the Bolt Shopper Assistant

Our shopper assistant helps turn guest shoppers into account holders, drive personalized experiences based on the shopper’s cross-network order history, and provide quick access actions with a few keystrokes. 

This is just a brief look at how Bolt is continually improving to achieve our goal of democratizing commerce. Be sure to register for our upcoming webinar for a deep-dive into the latest Bolt updates.

Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more about the latest Bolt updates


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