Research: Abandoned Carts Are An Even Bigger Problem Than You Thought

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Bolt Team

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Research: Abandoned Carts Are An Even Bigger Problem Than You Thought

New research from Coresight Research suggests that the online shopping cart abandonment rate is 75.7%, which is higher than previously thought. This research makes it clear that retailers need to focus on conversion, now more than ever, or risk losing precious revenue.  

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Abandoned cart statistics 

The research showed that the type of device shoppers are using is related to their abandonment rate: 

  • Mobile shoppers abandon at an 83.9% rate
  • Tablet shoppers abandon at an 80.5% rate
  • Desktop shoppers abandon at a 73.2% rate. 

Some of the reasons for this are: 

  • Mobile shoppers may be doing more “window shopping” as a leisure activity and have a lower intent to purchase 
  • Many retailers have optimized their checkout for desktop, leading to a poor experience on mobile that turns away shoppers 
  • Coresight suggests that shoppers could be using multiple devices for shopping: browsing on mobile and using their desktop when they’re ready to buy.

Mobile shopping is taking an increasing role in ecommerce, so this mobile abandonment rate presents a major problem. Thankfully, solutions like Bolt are built to deliver a seamless checkout experience across any device your shoppers are using. Your shoppers can get a secure, one-click checkout on smartphones, tablets, and computers with Bolt. 

Why customers abandon their online shopping carts

The report also dug into the top factors for why retailers believe shoppers are abandoning their carts. The top reasons were:

  • The “sticker shock” of seeing the final price with extra costs like shipping fees and taxes 
  • A complicated checkout process that’s off-putting to many shoppers
  • The friction of requiring shoppers to create a store account before checkout 
  • The lack of alternative payment methods 
  • The lack of shipping and return options  
  • The lack of trust in fraud protection

This also aligns with what shoppers said—shoppers said high costs and a complicated checkout were two of the top three reasons for cart abandonment.   

How you can stop shoppers from abandoning their carts 

The best way to stop abandoned carts is to offer a seamless checkout experience. That’s where solutions like Bolt can help. With Bolt, your brand can offer a secure, one-click checkout that your shoppers will love. This will help you reduce your abandoned cart rate and boost overall revenue. 

Try Bolt today to battle your abandoned carts.   

Download the new Coresight Research report now.


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