Get Early Access To Bolt One Click Checkout on BigCommerce

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Bolt Team

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Get Early Access To Bolt One Click Checkout on BigCommerce

Whether you’re a small business or retail giant, Bolt believes that your customers deserve a world-class commerce experience. That’s why we partnered with BigCommerce to create an amazing shopping experience that includes hassle-free checkout. We’re excited to announce today that Bolt is offering BigCommerce merchants early access to Bolt One Click.

Get Early Access To Bolt One Click On BigCommerce Now 

One-Click Checkout Has A Big Impact

Over the past year, nearly 100 active BigCommerce merchants have seen huge success with Bolt and there are no signs of slowing. During Cyber Week 2021, Bolt accounted for 9% of overall BigCommerce sales. Customers also spent more per order when using Bolt.

Following a 2021 record-setting holiday Ecommerce season, we’re excited to have more BigCommerce merchants try Bolt One Click. Simply fill out this form and if you’re a good fit, the Bolt team will reach out with the next steps.

With Bolt, BigCommerce retailers have access to a seamless checkout experience for web and mobile. Bolt’s checkout performs 52% faster than the platform’s average, saving shoppers 30+ seconds to purchase and with average mobile completion rates of 33%—over 2X the industry average, customers can checkout with ease.

With Bolt One Click on BigCommerce, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase sales. Your shoppers can breeze through checkout with a single click. Our secure, mobile-friendly buying experience can increase conversion rates by 53%. If customers are one of the tens of millions of happy shoppers in the Bolt Network, they can checkout on your site in a single click, even if they’ve never been there before.
  • Grow your business. Since one-click checkout is built for businesses of all sizes, you’ll have access to the same best-in-class checkout experience that well-known brands like Benefit Cosmetics use.
  • Easily integrate with BigCommerce. You’ll be able to integrate Bolt in minutes with our fast and easy setup. For early access, please fill out this form and if you’re eligible, our friendly Bolt team will walk you through setup.
  • Use with tools you need: Bolt One Click has over 160 pre-built integrations with tools you already use. This includes payment processors, alternative payment methods, tax software, shipping solutions and more.

Bolt + BigCommerce = Game-Changer For Ecommerce Sales

Businesses like fast-growing retailer TYLER’S have already seen success by switching to Bolt. BigCommerce was instrumental in growing TYLER’s online sales and the introduction to Bolt was a game-changer. Justin Dermit, Director of Ecommerce & Marketing at TYLER’S says:

“Bolt was a product recommendation from our account manager and, to this day, has been one of the best decisions we’ve made to help solidify our online presence and provide a more streamlined customer experience.

With BigCommerce’s Ecommerce suite and Bolt’s best-in-class one-click checkout, independent retailers now have the opportunity to create a seamless and meaningful shopping experience that competes with big names like Amazon. Join us in revolutionizing the future of commerce.

If you are a BigCommerce merchant and want to use Bolt, sign up for early access here.


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