How Energy Conscious Improved Checkout Completion 45%

Bolt Team


Bolt Team

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How Energy Conscious Improved Checkout Completion 45%

Energy Conscious is a nationwide leader in providing energy-efficient home improvement products to contractors, builders, and homeowners. As an online distributor and reseller, Energy Conscious is trusted by customers to provide quality products with excellent customer service.

Making efficiency effortless

After dealing with a few costly chargebacks, Energy Conscious decided to partner with Bolt to manage fraud and improve their checkout functionality.

We’re excited to report on our findings from our first few months with Energy Conscious.

Bolt Checkout and abandoned cart notifications helped Energy Conscious capture a number of customers who previously abandoned their shopping carts. Moreover, Bolt’s fraud detection allowed Energy Conscious to approve customers while completely avoiding the cost of fraudulent chargebacks. 

By the numbers

In Energy Conscious’s first 40 days with Bolt:

  • Energy Conscious’s checkout completion rate improved by over 45%
  • Abandoned cart notifications recovered nearly double the previous amount of orders
  • Thousands in potential chargeback costs were avoided

Drew Jacobsen, Operations Manager at Energy Conscious, said:

“Before Bolt, we had 1-2 people spending hours manually reviewing orders each day. Now, we’re able to focus on what we do best — providing customers with great products and excellent service — while trusting Bolt to take care of checkout, payments, and fraud. We’re thrilled about the results we’ve already seen on the Bolt platform.”

Check it out

We’re excited to continue our partnership with Energy Conscious and support their mission of bringing energy-efficient products to all consumers and businesses.

Check out Bolt Checkout on Energy Conscious’s site below. Or, you can try it yourself by exploring the Energy Conscious site here.


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