How Bolt is Bringing More Flexibility to Retailers

Bolt Team


Bolt Team

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Spring Release 2022

With our Spring Release announcement, we are introducing more than 15 upgrades to bring our merchants and customers unparalleled flexibility in how they use and implement Bolt.

The features we’ve released this Spring give merchants more flexibility in reaching customers where they are, providing in depth risk insights for more informed fraud decision making, creating holistic checkout optimizations, and much more. 

Watch our release showcase to see all of these features in action: 

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Read on to see four key demo clips plus a customer interview.

Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce Delights Shoppers

Flexibility is at the heart of everything we do, and to make good on that promise, we’ve partnered with platforms that we know hundreds of thousands of retailers love. With our BigCommerce partnership, retailers of any size can turn on Bolt in minutes and give the tens of millions of shoppers in the Bolt Network one-click checkout. The best part; they never have to switch platforms. 

We recently spoke with Leticia Segura, owner and founder of Adamma’s Notions, about her experience with Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce. As she recalls, setting up Bolt on her BigCommerce store was seamless, and it didn’t take long before one-click checkout started paying dividends.

Since going live, Leticia has heard positive feedback about the new shopping experience. “One customer emailed me saying how much easier one-click checkout was for her,” says Leticia, “I’ve also seen a number of customers shift from guests to members of my website.”

Checkout from the Point of Inspiration

Flexibility is not just about making retailers’ lives easier but also about delighting shoppers. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to do this effectively as third-party cookies sunset and ecommerce competition ramps up.

Today, with Bolt’s Checkout Everywhere, retailers can reach shoppers where they are. No longer do shoppers need to visit a retailer site to make a purchase. Shopping now happens across the physical and digital worlds, from the jumbotron towering above an arena to the ad embedded in a social media feed. 

Having the flexibility to reach customers where they are opens new doors for retailers. For one, growth will now come from new channels. And more importantly, customers will enjoy discovering new products and services in a more natural setting. 

Make Fraud Decisions that Matter

Retail fraud has become a $20 billion dollar headache, with no remedy other than pre-packaged solutions not suited for every situation.

As a pioneer in flexible, headless commerce, we want retailers to be able to pick and choose the features that best suit their needs. That’s why we are excited to announce Risk Assessment Scoring as a standalone feature. With deep insights into individual credit transactions, Risk Assessment Scoring helps retailers make more informed risk decisions. 

Today, Bolt merchants on BigCommerce can access Risk Assessment Scoring, even those that work with an existing fraud provider. Making our world-class fraud system readily available will change how more retailers approach fraud. 

Get Insights You Can Act On

Nearly 7 in 10 shoppers abandon a cart at checkout, and retailers scramble for some sort of answer to why. 

Fortunately, we have improved how retailers respond to these situations. With the launch of Bolt’s Session Replay, retailers now have access to live recordings as customers navigate the checkout process. They can see where customers get hung up in the checkout flow and find potential remedies for persistent problems. 

These valuable qualitative insights will help more retailers turn abandoned carts into completed orders. Session Replay complements the suite of tools available to Bolt Merchants in the merchant dashboard

That was a taste of how we’re bringing more flexibility to retailers. Learn more about all of the features released this spring. 


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