How We’re Building an Even Better Experience for Bolt Retailers

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How We’re Building an Even Better Experience for Bolt Retailers

The pandemic accelerated what had been a steady shift toward online shopping. In the three months after March 2020, Ecommerce platforms experienced 10 years of growth. And yet, many parts of the buying experience still look like they’re from 2010. 

Today, we are excited to announce a series of new initiatives to help retailers overcome this hurdle and to create a better buying experience.

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Check out some of our favorite clips below. 

PuppySpot CIO Reduces Fraud With Bolt [7:00 minutes]

Before Dave Horowitz, Chief Information Officer of PuppySpot, discovered Bolt, he and his team struggled to solve several important issues. The Ecommerce platform they built in-house couldn’t support product offerings beyond the purchase of a puppy, meaning new dog owners would have to shop elsewhere for insurance and food, and PuppySpot was missing out on upsell opportunities. 

His other problem, and perhaps the most serious, was fraud. Many people used fake credit cards or other illicit means to buy a puppy, and his only recourse was manual processes and clunky technology that didn’t always work. 

“What Bolt was offering us was the assurance that they would decrease fraudulent transactions and indemnify us for most of the purchases,” Dave remembers, “After the first year [of using Bolt], we saw our fraud come down dramatically.”

Read more about how Bolt improved PuppySpot’s fraud processes.

Three Major Partnerships Bring One-Click Checkout Mainstream [2:00 minutes]

Given small businesses account for 99.7% of US companies, it only makes sense we have tools and services which serve this massive community. That’s why we are so excited to announce our partnerships with BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud, and PrestaShop. 

These three partnerships will put the power of Bolt One-Click Checkout in the hands of businesses of all sizes. And the best part: small, and even large, businesses can turn on one-click checkout themselves. Our new self-service options will let merchants enjoy an industry-leading checkout experience in less than five minutes. It’s as easy as a few clicks.

Are you a BigCommerce customer? Learn more about our partnership with the Ecommerce giant. 

Soon Everyone Will Have Their Own Shopping Assistant [2:30 minutes]

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual assistant that goes with you from one website to another? Someone that remembers your payment information, what you purchased from the past three stores, and your favorite spring styles. 

Soon, we will be giving Bolt shoppers just that. Our new shopping assistant will sit in the corner of Bolt-powered websites and provide shoppers with the most personalized shopping experience available. For merchants, it’s an easy way to convert guests into shoppers and gain visibility into shoppers’ cross-network activity.

Sign up here for early access to Shopper Assistant.

Leverage Data and Insights to Delight Shoppers [5:30 minutes]

With our recent updates to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard, we made it easier for retailers to answer the questions that will help them grow their business. How do we convert one-time shoppers to repeat ones? Where do shoppers drop off in the checkout experience? Where do our highest value shoppers reside?

By taking the guesswork out of these critical decisions, retailers can move to a path of sustainable and consistent growth. 

That was a deeper dive into a few of our favorite winter releases. Learn more about all of the features released this winter. 


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