Increase conversion and maximize average order values (AOV) with Bolt’s Checkout Enhancements

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Chelsea Ortiz

Product Marketing Manager

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Increase conversion and maximize average order values (AOV) with Bolt’s Checkout Enhancements

You’ve done the hard work. A shopper has come to your site, browsed your products, added something to their cart, and started inputting their information in checkout. All signals point to a successful transaction and then it happens. Unfortunately, that highly engaged shopper leaves checkout and leaves you with lost revenue–both from that purchase and potentially future business with your brand.

And you’re not alone. With cart abandonment rates reaching a whopping 70%, retailers across all industries need ways to help customers get over the finish line when it comes to checkout. There are numerous ways to reach shoppers after they’ve left checkout. Cart abandonment emails that notify shoppers they’ve left something in their cart, have proven to be incredibly successful in getting shoppers to go back to complete their purchases. 41.18% open rates and 9.5% click rates show that shoppers are engaging and acting on these types of emails, but what about getting shoppersnever to leave checkout in the first place? Investing in key features during the checkout experience can be the difference between a successful transaction vs. trying to re-engage them after they’ve already left. 

It’s not just checkout conversion that these types of checkout features can help with either. Average order values (AOV) can also benefit. Specifically, personalized product recommendations appeal to both shoppers and retailers. In fact, 75% of customers are more likely to buy based on personalized recommendations, and 54% of retailers reported product recommendations as the key driver of average order values. 

Increasing conversion and maximizing AOV is imperative to every retailer, which is why we’re excited to launch Checkout Enhancements. These five key checkout features give shoppers more flexibility to complete their purchases and stay engaged during the checkout experience.

With Checkout Enhancements, choose to showcase any or all of the following features during checkout:

  1. Dynamic Upsells: Showcase personalized product recommendations using your own upsell engine (either built in-house or with a 3rd party service) to power upsells before checkout or within checkout. 
  • Availability: Custom carts
  1. Custom Text Fields: Enable custom text fields in checkout so shoppers can input delivery notes, recipient contact information, and more.
  • Availability: BigCommerce, Magento 2, SFCC, custom carts
  1. Yotpo Integration: Connect with Yotpo–a leading loyalty program provider–so shoppers can accrue and redeem loyalty points. 
  • Availability: Custom carts and BigCommerce
  1. Ship to Multiple Addresses: Offer shoppers more flexibility and choices by supporting complex shipping options—including shipping products to multiple addresses within the same checkout. 
  • Availability: Custom carts and Magento2
  1. Paid Gift Options: Let shoppers select gift-wrapping services or provide personalized messaging during checkout. 
  • Availability: Custom carts, BigCommerce, and Magento2

Shoppers not only expect a fast and frictionless checkout experience, they also want choice and flexibility when completing their purchases. Offering shoppers flexible shipping options, gifting capabilities, or just the ability to provide more information during checkout may be exactly what they need to hit purchase–driving checkout conversions. Additionally, personalized product recommendations or loyalty programs where they can accrue points may be what gets them to add more items to their carts–increasing average order values.

Optimize the checkout experience and ensure the hard work of getting shoppers to your site isn’t in vain. Enable Dynamic Upsells to showcase the matching top with the pants a shopper added to their cart. Let a shopper provide delivery instructions like “door access code 1234” with Custom Text Fields. Build customer loyalty by allowing shoppers to accrue points on every purchase with a Yotpo Integration. Give shoppers delivery flexibility within the same checkout so they can purchase a bracelet for themself and send a watch to their friend with Ship to Multiple Addresses. Let shoppers delight their friends and family by gift wrapping or providing personalized gift messages with Paid Gift Options. Checkout Enhancements enable you to address the needs of your shoppers and appeal to the many diverse use cases that come through checkout. The result? Happier customers and increased conversion and AOV for you.

If you are a Bolt customer and would like to get started with any of the Checkout Enhancements features, please contact your success manager. If you are not currently a Bolt customer and would like to learn more, please contact


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