Order Tracking and Notifications: Real Time Updates for Every Purchase

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Order Tracking and Notifications: Real Time Updates for Every Purchase

We’re obsessive about the checkout experience for shoppers—it should be so fast that it’s nearly forgettable. Think: lightning fast, one-click checkout for every shopper with a Bolt Account. But the shopper experience doesn’t end when the order is placed.

That’s where Bolt’s order tracking and notifications come in, which give shoppers a better end-to-end experience from checkout to delivery.

Text updates and tracking pages keep shoppers informed in real time, and additional features like product recommendations or one-click reorders expand the storefront to tracking pages and drive more sales. The best part for retailers? No need to maintain (or pay) for an extra order tracking integration.

Order Tracking & Notification Features

Text updates

Shoppers receive real-time text updates when orders are placed, shipped, out for delivery, and delivered. You can also link to tracking pages through whatever email notification system you have in place by using the Track My Order link.

Track My Order link

Add a Track My Order link—customized to your brand—to any surface where your shoppers are. When a shopper clicks the link from your store, an email, or a text, they’re brought straight to the tracking page to get the latest on their order. The link is fully customizable to match your branding.

Shoppable Tracking pages


Tracking pages offer real-time updates on a shopper’s order. Shoppers can navigate to the Tracking Page via a link in their text updates, or via the “Track My Order” link. Tracking pages can be customized to match the look and feel of your site.

Surface product recommendations on the tracking page, making it simple for shoppers to discover more items and make additional purchases. By default, your five top-selling items are featured, and you can easily add or edit products in the Merchant Dashboard. Stay tuned for dynamic ways to intelligently configure and automate recommendations.

Shoppers can initiate reorders with one click from the tracking page. A “reorder” button appears on the Tracking Page, making it simple for shoppers to buy again. When a shopper clicks “reorder,” every item from their order will be placed in a cart. From there, shoppers are able to add or remove items as desired before checking out.

Solving challenges with a simple solution

  • Zero fees (and no maintenance required)
    Most tracking and notification solutions require additional integrations and maintenance. Bolt’s Order Tracking and Notifications turn on with little implementation effort. And it’s free for shoppers and retailers alike.
  • Save support resources.
    These features lighten the load of support teams, whose time isn’t being used as effectively as it could be. At least 25% of all support requests ask a single, simple question: “where is my order?” It’s often the most common support inquiry, and it’s the easiest to answer automatically. Bolt’s Order Tracking and Notifications not only keep your shoppers happy, they also give your support team a break.
  • A simple solution to give shoppers what they expect: a consistent buying experience from purchase to delivery
    Bolt Checkout makes the checkout experience consistent across the Bolt Network. No surprise 10-page-long checkouts. Bolt Accounts do the same thing for order tracking and notifications—consistent text updates and landing page designs, with no jarring redirects to DHL, USPS, or other shipping providers.
  • Expand the storefront to drive sales.
    By simplifying reorders and expanding the storefront to tracking pages with a recommended products carousel, these features are designed to drive incremental revenue.

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