How Retailers Are Giving Back to Fight COVID-19

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How Retailers Are Giving Back to Fight COVID-19


For full coverage, learn additional information about the Retailers Give Back initiative in our features in The Daily Mail and Business Insider.


We’re proud to launch Retailers Give Back, an initiative to highlight the amazing ways in which retailers are banding together to support their community during this challenging time.

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The spread of COVID-19 has negatively impacted both online and brick and mortar retailers. At the same time, we’ve seen a groundswell of support from many of these same brands giving back to COVID-19 relief efforts across the globe. The goal of the Retailers Give Back Initiative is to recognize the importance of retailers in our communities and thank them for their contributions. Bolt has created a living index and will leverage multimedia storytelling, email distribution, and social media initiatives to raise consumer awareness about these stories.

“Bolt was founded to improve the lives of retailers by giving them access to cutting-edge technology that lets their businesses grow and flourish. Today, that means standing with them in solidarity and using technology to showcase the work they are doing to keep us safe in the fight against COVID-19.”
-Ryan Breslow, Founder & CEO, Bolt

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For more information about Retailers Give Back and to view the complete index, visit the following resources.

Read the press coverage in The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Independent Retailer, and Retail Customer Experience.

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