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Senior Director of Product & Partner Marketing

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Your storefront is now everywhere and anywhere your customers want to shop, on whatever device they want to shop on. Not only do you have to extend your storefront everywhere your customers are, you also have to create delightful experiences along each step of the shopping journey.

Increasingly, your shoppers are on social media. There are already more than 3.6 billion social media users today and that number is expected to balloon up to 4.4 billion by 2025, according to Statista. It already plays a major factor in our lives when it comes to entertainment, communications, and, increasingly, shopping.

But if you’ve ever tried to buy directly from social media, you know it’s often not a great experience. That’s why we created Remote Checkout for Retailers and Publishers. These solutions help brands of all sizes create one-click checkout experiences at the point of discovery on social media or in digital publications, all while fitting into your existing order management streams.

Bolt Remote Checkout: Get The Most Out Of Social Commerce

U.S. social commerce sales are expected to top $36 billion this year. That figure is expected to explode over the next few years, especially as Gen Z becomes a larger part of the shopping economy. In fact, two-thirds of surveyed Gen Z shoppers said they’d be interested in purchasing products directly through social media.

Buying from social media makes a lot of intuitive sense, too. Visual platforms like TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram make it simple to spark inspiration for products you’d like to buy.

Social media isn’t the only point of discovery and research, though. 93% of customers read a review of a product before buying online. Sometimes these are reviews on your storefront, but other times, they are also in digital publications like BuzzFeed, The Wirecutter and more.

The problem is that when you see something you want to buy on social media or on a digital publication, it’s often a clunky experience that might look something like this:

  • You’re excited and ready to buy a product you’ve seen and click through to the product page
  • You might be kicked out to a different app like a browser to finish the purchase
  • You then have to add it to a cart
  • You then have to add your credit card number and billing information, often while you’re navigating on a tiny mobile screen
  • Once you’re finally ready to checkout, you may face multiple redirects to complete your order
  • If you complete your order, you’re still disrupted from whatever you were doing on social media.

Those are a lot of steps for an excited customer who’s eager to buy things or who’s eager to purchase products from brands—and a lot of points of friction for your customers to drop off. It’s no wonder that roughly 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned.

With Remote Checkout, that shopping journey is transformed into a delightful experience:

  • You see an amazing product you’re ready to buy on social media or in a digital publication
  • You tap on the one-click checkout button that’s native to your experience
  • You easily purchase the product without being disrupted from the flow of what you were doing.

Remote Checkout: Benefits For Your Shoppers

Remote Checkout lets you deliver amazing shopping experiences by turning social media and publications into hassle-free, one-click checkout surfaces. Your customers can see something and immediately buy it, without having to enter credit card information or face jarring experiences like redirects or having to fill out multiple forms.

By keeping transactions on-site or in-app, Remote Checkout allows brands to acquire first-party data at the point of checkout. You can use this data to tailor a great post-purchase experience for your shoppers, nourishing that long-term relationship that will lead to repeat purchases.

Remote Checkout: Benefits for Retailers

Retailers benefit from remote checkout because they can reach shoppers where they are at the exact moment of inspiration. You can now convert shoppers on social media platforms into real customers, increasing sales and conversions in the long run.

Additionally, Remote Checkout flows into your existing backend management systems, making orders that come from social or through publications act as if they took place natively on your website.

Some additional benefits of Remote Checkout for Retailers are:

Increase conversions and sales

Maximize your revenue by offering a frictionless checkout experience for shoppers on social media through apps or through the web. Let your shoppers see it, then buy it with a single click.

More data for end-to-end insights

Remote Checkout gathers data insights from the moment a customer discovers, engages, and purchases. You can use this data for better personalized shopper experiences and to better understand your shoppers’ attitudes.

Sell quickly and effectively

Remote Checkout enables you to sell across various social media platforms, and ad publishers. Our remote checkout works with nearly every commerce platforms, alternative payment methods, and payment processors, creating more opportunities for your business to grow and for customers to discover your brand.

Remote Checkout: Benefits for You as a Publisher

Remote Checkout for Publishers offers digital publications an omnichannel solution that converts any link into a shoppable experience. You can create new revenue streams by transforming your website into a marketplace. Some of the benefits for publishers include:

Eliminate costly redirects and cart abandonments

Avoid the need for redirects, lengthy checkout flows, and secondary platforms to complete purchases. Instead, Remote Checkout enables shoppers to browse and buy, and provides real-time inventory updates and seamless on-site and in-app purchases without the redirected experience.

Survive the cookie apocalypse

With the eventual extinction of cookies, many brands will lose access to critical data. However, Remote Checkout enables you to acquire first-party data by keeping transactions in-app or on-site.

Connect with more retailers

Access hundreds of merchants and more than 10 million customers within the Bolt Network. Also, Remote Checkout is both payment and platform agnostic, and supports alternative payment methods.

Generate new revenue streams

Capitalize on engaged customers who click on ads by easily converting clicks to purchases with Remote Checkout.

Gain shopper insights

Data means personalization and a better shopping experience for your customers. Gather meaningful data from the moment shoppers discover, engage, and purchase with you.

Learn More About Remote Checkout

Ready to turn social media feeds and digital publications into friction-free one-click checkout experiences? You can learn more about Remote Checkout for Publishers here and you can learn about Remote Checkout here.

Let Bolt Supercharge Your Business

Remote Checkout is just the latest example of how Bolt can benefit retailers of all sizes. Bolt provides a checkout platform that connects shoppers to retailers in a unified cross-brand network.

The Bolt Network 10s of millions of happy shoppers who can use one-click checkout on your site, even if they’ve never been to your site before. The Bolt Network is expected to have more than 100 million customers in the next 18 months.

With 160+ pre-built integrations, Bolt is a product roadmap accelerator for your business. Let Bolt do the heavy lifting, helping you meet the ever-growing demands of your customers.

Learn more about how Bolt can help your business here.


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