Bolt Spring Release: 15+ New Features Brings Added Flexibility

Bolt Team


Bolt Team

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Spring Release Update

A fresh round of product updates has made Bolt more flexible and accessible than ever. 

Since February, we’ve released 15 new features which give even more retailers the flexibility to use and implement Bolt in ways that best suit their needs. 

That could be implementing one-click checkout in mere minutes, providing shoppers the ability to check out directly from the point of inspiration, or gathering deeper insights to help combat fraud.  

Here are a few highlights of the 15+ features launched since February.

Register for our spring release webinar on May 11th from 9-9:45am PST to see Bolt’s latest features in action and hear from Leticia Segura, founder of Adamma’s Notions, about how Bolt and BigCommerce have helped her small business grow. Register here:

Flexible solutions for a more equitable retail landscape

Simplify checkout on BigCommerce and Adobe

It’s no surprise why tens of millions of retailers use BigCommerce and Adobe; the two platforms, after all, offer some of the most robust functionality to start, grow and manage a business. And today, we’re making life even easier for those retailers. 

With our new launches of Bolt One-Click for BigCommerce and Adobe, you can now add our industry-leading one-click checkout to your existing store. And don’t worry about onboarding or setting up. It takes a few clicks to get one-click checkout running.

You’ll soon find that your shoppers won’t be the only ones enjoying the Bolt experience; you will too. By using Bolt, you also gain access to the tens of millions of shoppers in the Bolt Network, who can all check out on your store in a single click even if it’s their first time visiting. 

Get the most from your social media 

Most people spend almost 2.5 hours a day on social media and, if you’re lucky, a few minutes on your website. So it only makes sense that you bring your checkout where potential shoppers  spend their time. 

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of Checkout Everywhere. Your shoppers want to be able to easily purchase the items they see in the content they consume, but the current path to purchase through most social media platforms is full of friction. Checkout Everywhere allows your shoppers to seamlessly buy your products directly from the point of inspiration without having to open a new app or be redirected to a new window. As users scroll through their newsfeed or read an article, they will now be able to purchase from your store in one click. 

It’s not just social media where this works, either. Bolt is helping retailers of all sizes create one-click checkout experiences across the digital and physical worlds, from the native ad you see on the New York Times to your seat at a live in-person concert. 

Making your store available everywhere gives you more flexibility in the face of ecommerce uncertainty.

Get free insights into fraud risks

Ecommerce fraud has run rampant over the past few years. To limit, even eliminate, any vulnerabilities, we recently added a few features to our already world-class fraud systems. 

One that we’re particularly excited about is risk assessment scoring, which provides detailed insights into individual credit card transactions. For every credit card transaction, retailers can see a risk assessment with insights into the weighted risk factors. This will help retailers make more informed decisions for their business.. 

The best part: the risk assessment scoring will serve as an out-of-the-box solution for self service merchants or as a complement to your existing service. The latter, in other words, means you can keep your existing fraud provider and enjoy the benefits of our lightweight fraud solution. 

See what shoppers really want

Much of retail is about testing and learning what resonates with your shoppers. You do this by combing through volumes of data, reading industry reports, or even just following a hunch. 

Today we want to add one more tool to your belt: Bolt Session Replay. 

Bolt Session Replay is an innovative tool for observing users as they engage with your product. Having a deeper understanding of where users scroll or what they click can complement the quantitative data you already use to make informed decisions. 

We’re excited to see what unique ways you will use Bolt. 

Register for our spring release webinar on May 11th to see these features in action and learn about many more. Register here: 


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