The future of checkout has no boundaries

Bolt Team


Ian Leslie

Senior Director of Retail Advocacy

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The future of checkout has no boundaries

Imagine a world where you can complete a purchase for an item online any time, anywhere, regardless of what website you’re on.

Imagine a world where you can walk into a store, scan a QR code, pay on your phone and have your item arrive at your home that week, or better yet that day.

That world is closer than you think.

Make Checkout Frictionless, Everywhere

The key to successful ecommerce and retail in a Web 3.0 world rests on making the checkout experience frictionless. That means checkout links on publisher and social media channels—not only on your owned ecommerce site. It means turning checkout links into QR codes and giving customers the option to complete their transactions cash- and contact-free in retail locations.

It means being flexible enough to offer checkout from the product page of your ecommerce site or allowing them to complete their purchase through the traditional checkout process.

Even in the space of a year, ecommerce and retail have changed to become more unstructured, customer-centric, and flexible. The path from consideration to purchase is nowhere as linear as it used to be.

In this new era, merchants should to consider:

  • Do my customers want to check out via chat or social media DM? If so you need to be prepared with PCI-compliant back office checkout links
  • Have privacy and remarketing updates with advertisers and across channels dropped my on-site conversion? If so you need to be prepared to drop checkout links across paid media opportunities, influencer posts and social media posts
  • Am I going to sell via brick-and-mortar or via a temporary popup? If so, you need to consider creative ways to get people to a checkout link via their mobile device and offer a one-click, digital experience even within your retail footprint.

These considerations make it critical to not simply accept a basic payment gateway or out-of-the-box cart implementation, but rather a headless, checkout operating system that can be leveraged across today’s new channels and whatever the future brings our way.


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