Welcome Maju Kuruvilla, Amazon executive joins Bolt as our first CTO

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Bolt Team

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Welcome Maju Kuruvilla, Amazon executive joins Bolt as our first CTO

Today I’m thrilled to welcome Maju Kuruvilla as our first CTO at Bolt. We’ve waited patiently for the right person to fill this critical, highly strategic role at the company. We couldn’t have asked for a more well suited and qualified executive to lead our world class product and engineering teams than Maju. (Read first-hand why he joined Bolt here.)

Maju was previously a Vice President at Amazon. He managed all global logistics (referred to as Global Mile), as well as all Amazon Prime fulfillment technology teams worldwide. In his role he looked after the entire business unit spanning business, product, engineering, and operations. Maju rose the ranks at Amazon, becoming one of the company’s fastest rising engineering stars. He eventually led one of the largest global engineering teams at the company – a team consisting of thousands.

It can’t be denied that Amazon has changed consumer expectations for shopping online and raised the bar for retailers. It’s why companies like Bolt need to exist. We bring that same instant, One-Click Checkout experience to the rest of retail. Maju played a critical role in scaling the products and technology that power worldwide Amazon Prime Fulfillment, which shaped consumer expectations around delivery speed.

Maju not only has the technological expertise required to serve as our CTO, but he also understands the retailer and its complex set of needs. At Bolt we take pride in taking the time to understand and learning from our customers so that we can build products to best serve their goals. This is no easy task, but we believe with Maju at the helm we can build and scale technology that will power the future of retail.

Enough from me, here’s what Maju had to say about joining us:

“I couldn’t be more excited about this next chapter of my career with Bolt. I knew early on that the company was onto something by just looking at the remarkable customers and partners they’ve been able to attract. After getting to know the team, what really blew me away was the caliber of the technical talent. I’m invigorated and inspired by the group of world class engineers that I now have the honor of leading. With the right team in place, Bolt is well positioned to master one of the most complex and critical aspects of e-commerce: the checkout. I believe the company is still in its chapter one, and I am ready to play a key part in chapter two and beyond.”

Image from Amazon.

As Maju knows, we still have a lot of building to do. We’re looking for product and engineering talent at all levels as we supercharge our efforts in 2021. We are building a diverse, passionate team that is up for solving complex new challenges every day. If this sounds interesting to you, reach out to Maju at maju.kuruvilla[at]bolt.com and tell us why you’d be a good fit.


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