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Hyperikon is a US-based manufacturer and seller of commercial LED lights, providing high-quality lighting to a community of businesses, electrical professionals, and homeowners.

Before Bolt

fraud prevention
  • $50k of fraud chargeback costs in summer 2017
  • Targeted by fraud rings
  • Rejecting all orders with mismatched addresses
  • Contacting 1 in 6 customers to verify information
  • Eliminated thousands in fraud software costs
  • Complete coverage of fraud chargebacks
  • Second Chance Verification automated by Bolt
  • Added $80k in newfound revenue in one quarter

tracked results

Lift in checkout conversion
6% With Bolt
Newfound revenue in first 3 months
$80k With Bolt
Fraud costs eliminated
$50k With Bolt
Hours spent on manual review
Zero With Bolt
Nicklas Brandrup
Founder and Owner

“Bolt was clearly the best choice to help us solve our issues with fraud. They also improved checkout conversion and streamlined the online customer payment experience.”

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