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Speedy Tire is a New Orleans-based business, founded with the mission of providing the easiest and fastest tire shopping experience possible.

Before Bolt

fraud prevention
Stripe Radar
  • Hit with high fraud rate after launching ecommerce store
  • Manually checking data points on incoming orders
  • Rejecting nearly 40% of orders
  • High-friction checkout experience
  • Completely eliminated fraud chargebacks
  • Live in one week with Bolt
  • 1 solution to manage entire buying experience
  • 60% increase in order approval rate
  • More than doubled checkout conversion rate

tracked results

Lift in order approval rate
60% With Bolt
Lift in checkout conversion
154% With Bolt
Days to go-live
7 With Bolt
ROI from switching to Bolt
67x With Bolt
Bryce Jacobs

“Bolt allowed me to sleep better at night knowing I wasn’t going to get hit with a $10k chargeback.”

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