5 Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies for Fashion Brands

May 24, 2022

Chi-Chi Zhang

When global luxury retailer Badgley Mischka underwent an ecommerce transformation two years ago, many clothing retailers were hit hard as month over month dips in sales were as dramatic as 74% in the US

For Badgley Mischka in particular, the shift in Americans’ daily sartorial preferences posed another challenge. The pandemic led to new trends such as tapered sweatpants and as many weddings were postponed, the appetite for formal dresses and satin stilettos plummeted.

To adapt, the customer-centric company set out to build a frictionless online shopping experience optimizing for conversion. The first priority was to fix the checkout experience by implementing Bolt’s One-Click Checkout. The results were astounding: an 80% conversion rate for shoppers in the Bolt Network and a 15% Higher average order value on transactions from shoppers in the Bolt Network. “I wish all of our customers could be in the Bolt Network. It increases their checkout conversion and just makes everything easier,” said Katie Ouaknine, Owner of Badgley Mischka Web. 

Like Badgley Mischka, many fashion brands face unique challenges in their industry when it comes to conversion rate optimization. Here are five strategies for fashion brands to increase conversion.

Design a beautiful and user-friendly ecommerce website

It’s easy to get caught up in technical details such as speed and fraud prevention when it comes to building an ecommerce website, but customers expect an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience from fashion brands. They want to see what they are buying and be served enticing imagery as they browse. It’s important to design with the customer experience as your priority.  

For example, ​​using multimedia content in blog posts improves your content, and increases customer engagement with these posts by 21%. Even better, create a personalized shopping experience by segmenting customers by device type, traffic source, shopping cart item count, and more. These landing pages may take more effort, but they will convert at a much higher rate than a generic, one-size-fits-all landing page.

Offer free shipping and returns

One of the leading reasons customers abandon their checkout is because of additional fees, cost of shipping and hassles of returning an item. Fashion brands face an even bigger hurdle with sizing issues. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they know they are able to return the product. Having a good return policy gives customers more confidence in your service and product. 

Offering free shipping and returns increases conversions as customers may even purchase two items to see which one will be a better fit and removes the added fee associated with the convenience of ordering online. By removing shipping and return costs, you motivate customers to buy on your ecommerce store, as they are able to use the convenience of online shopping without having to be punished for an ill-fitting item.

Empower shoppers to buy at the point of inspiration

As more shoppers flock to social media to purchase products, brands are also adapting their sales strategies to meet customers where they are. Shoppable content combines retail with media to make the consumer’s online experiences both personalized and profitable.

With new advancements in technology such as Bolt’s Checkout Everywhere, customers can make purchases instantly at the point of inspiration such as buying a dress right after they see it on an influencer or in an article featured in a digital magazine.

Optimize for mobile devices

If you aren’t optimizing your mobile experience, you are likely falling behind your competitors and missing out on sales. Mobile devices account for 72% of all ecommerce sales worldwide. 

Mobile-optimized websites, dedicated shopping apps, and increasingly, social media platforms are among the many options for optimizing your store for mobile. When developing your layout and integrating call-to-actions, make sure that your website’s design is mobile-friendly. Steadily improve your mobile experience to keep customers engaged and buying while they are on the go.

Create a frictionless checkout experience

You should always be working to improve your checkout flow. Optimize using best practices for fast checkout design to streamline and speed up your checkout. 

Like Badgley Mischka, you can implement Bolt’s One-Click Checkout to see up to a 50% higher conversion rate and

66% higher repurchase rate.  Reduce form fields and save customers as much time as possible by auto-filling forms and verifying data entry. Use analytics to understand why customers abandon checkout and continuously optimize to reduce checkout abandonment.

To learn more about building a seamless end-to-end checkout experience, learn from these 72 tips to conversion rate optimization for your store

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