5 Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Checkout Experience

May 5, 2022

The Bolt Team

Roughly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned, leading to more than $1 trillion in lost revenue per year. Why? Your shopper could have gotten distracted or busy … or it could be because your checkout experience is poor. 

You’ve already gone through the hard work of getting a shopper to your site and wanting to purchase. Don’t lose them because of a poor checkout. Let’s go over a few ways to improve your ecommerce checkout experience. 

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Remove friction from the process 

We’ve all been there: you’re willing (and excited) to buy something. But the online store you’re trying to buy from makes you jump through so many hoops to give them your money.  

Every bit of friction in your checkout process can lead to cart abandonment. Friction can be: 

  • Having to fill out multiple forms for your name, address and credit card information 
  • Being redirected to multiple pages to complete an order 
  • Forced account creation 
  • Concerns about security 
  • Slow website performance 
  • Not having an optimized site for the device the person is shopping on
  • Additional fees for shipping 
  • Lack of desired payment methods 
  • And much, much more. 

You have to remove as much of this as you can and make buying online as easy as it is in person. Services like Bolt let your shoppers breeze through checkout with a single click, boosting conversion rates.  

Have multiple payment options 

You want to remove friction while still having multiple options for your shoppers to pay. Your payment options should include: 

  • Credit cards 
  • Debit cards
  • Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) like PayPal 
  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later options like Affirm.

Giving shoppers multiple payment options makes it easier for them to complete the purchase. Your shopper may not have their credit card on hand— a lot of shopping is happening on mobile nowadays. 

But, you still want to allow them to buy at the moment they want to—don’t force them to track down that card. Services like Affirm can also make it easier for your shoppers to buy things and spread the payments over time.  

Most merchants will add various payment buttons to their checkout. But, using so many buttons winds up becoming meaningless to shoppers (the so-called Nascar effect). Instead, look for solutions that make payment easy without deluging your customers with buttons. 

Be clear about shipping

Did you know that 82% of shoppers prefer free shipping versus paying a fee to have their stuff arrive earlier? While there are exceptions around the holidays, most shoppers hate shipping fees. 

In fact, some data suggests that shoppers are willing to pay the equivalent shipping fee if it’s added to the price of the product. But, they balk if it’s presented as a “shipping fee.” 

Additionally, many people have been trained by Amazon to expect two-day delivery for free. Your customer should get clear expectations on shipping from your checkout experience. It should include: 

  • How much shipping will cost 
  • What the expected shipping time will be. 

Don’t require account creation before checkout 

An ecommerce loyalty program has a lot of benefits for shoppers and merchants. But, forcing people to sign up for a store account before they can purchase is a poor checkout experience.

Just think about it from a new shopper’s perspective: you’re trying to buy something and before the store lets you give them money, they’re making you jump through another hoop. You don’t know the benefits of an account before being asked to sign up. And this poor checkout experience doesn’t set expectations for a great account experience. 

You can move the account creation step until after purchase. Or, better yet, you can use products like Bolt’s SSO Commerce to seamlessly create first-party store accounts while also having seamless, one-click checkout.  

Keep your checkout experience simple 

The simpler, the better when it comes to checkout experience. Your shoppers are trying to complete a purchase, so make that as straightforward as possible. Make your checkout design as simple as you can to help them finish their desired action.

This is often harder than it sounds. Many retailers want to: 

  • Increase average order value by recommending more products into the checkout flow
  • Offer multiple payments options and various payment buttons
  • Increase your store accounts and valuable first-party data, so you force account creation.

There’s a tricky balance here. You want to accomplish multiple goals but remember, your primary one should be growing sales. That’s why keeping your checkout experience relatively simple is important. 

Bolt: Improving the checkout experience 

Bolt and its CheckoutOS power the fastest buying experience, end-to-end. Merchant with Bolt deliver a great checkout experience that delivers strong results: 

  • Bolt merchants often see a 47% higher conversion rate compared to guest checkout 
  • Bolt Network shoppers are 63% more likely to do repeat purchases compared to guest checkout shoppers
  • Bolt account holders complete checkout 40% faster than guest checkout. 

Additionally, Bolt offers services that help with account creation, combat fraud and more. Check out Bolt today to create a seamless checkout experience for your store.

Bolt One-Click Checkout

Start treating millions of shoppers like returning customers and make their checkout easier than ever.

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