Bolt Offers Real-Time Data on Its Large and Growing Network

October 28, 2021

The Bolt Team

Bolt accounts are the foundation for the Bolt Network and the cross-network effect (shoppers who use their accounts to check out across multiple Bolt merchants sites), so we’re providing our merchants with transparency into the size of the network with real-time access to our numbers.

All Bolt merchants can now view real-time data about the Bolt network through their analytics dashboard, including:

  • The total number of shoppers in the Bolt network
  • The number of Bolt accounts created by the merchant
  • Gross merchandise value (GMV) from cross-network purchases
  • The percent of the merchant’s overall GMV driven by cross-network purchases
  • The source of cross-network transactions segmented by industry vertical
  • The average order value of network transactions vs. guest checkout

Bold Merchant Dashboard AnalyticsWith more than 90% of Bolt merchants already benefiting from cross-network shoppers and our goal of seeing one-third of all US Shoppers utilizing the Bolt platform by the end of 2022, we’re providing this transparency into the Bolt network and its growth.

“Our goal is to continue to convert all online shopping guest experiences into personalized, logged-in experiences. Being able to make that connection between our partner merchants and their customers is critical,” said Xiao Guo, Bolt’s vice president of Engineering. “With that, we felt it important to share our network data with our merchants so they can track the growth of customers within the Bolt Network.”

The term “network effect” is often used but not always well understood. What helps are metrics and analytics that show how every node on a network benefits the others. That’s why Bolt is sharing this data: To illustrate what a network effect looks like in real time, and why it matters to merchants and customers.

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