Top 3 Ready-to-Use Abandoned Cart Email Templates for Mailchimp

November 1, 2021

The Bolt Team

The last thing you want to see after spending time and money building a marketing campaign is abandoned carts. A great way to recover the sale is by triggering cart abandoned emails to those prospective shoppers.

So we’re sharing tips and tricks to help you increase the effectiveness of your abandoned cart marketing campaigns. In addition to learning more about checkout abandonment, you’ll also get:

To start, let’s dive into what abandoned cart emails are and exactly how they help online businesses recover lost revenue.

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What are abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned cart emails nudge shoppers who leave items in their online cart to complete their transaction.

An abandoned cart email bringing a female shopper back to a store

Given 75% of abandoned cart shoppers intend to complete their purchase, sending an abandoned cart email can keep shoppers in a buying mood, and make sure your products remain top of mind.

5 best practices for writing better abandoned cart emails

There are two fundamentals behind effective abandoned cart emails:

  • Your follow-up emails should get customers to buy or at the very least, think about completing the purchase
  • Once shoppers are in a purchasing mood, make it easy for them to buy

Abandoned cart emails can be thought of as a failsafe against cart abandonment. Your business has identified a cohort of shoppers with high purchase intent, it’s now mission-critical to ensure these visitors convert.

The best abandoned cart emails present conversion-focused email copy that remind shoppers of their abandoned cart. It will even provide a quick link back to their checkout.

Here are 5 abandoned cart email best practices you can use to recover lost sales.

1. The best time to send abandoned cart emails & how many you should send

The best time to send abandoned cart emails is within the first hour of shopping cart abandonment. 

The common practice is to send the first email 3, 6, or 10 hours after a shopper has abandoned their cart. But in reality, your business should not wait that long. The moment a shopper abandons their shopping cart, your online business has a narrowing opportunity to engage with potential customers and get them to purchase while the intent to buy is very high.

To make the most of this opportunity, online retailers should make it a priority to reach out to shoppers within the first hour of cart abandonment. Consider building a three-email sequence to engage with abandoned shoppers, and have the first email set to fire 30 to 60 minutes after cart abandonment.

Ideally, re-engagement and abandoned cart recovery should happen in emails one and two. Your third and final email is a last-ditch attempt to re-engage with shoppers who are unresponsive to the two prior emails. You could also add a deal to this third email as a final attempt to recover the sale. Sending more than 3 emails isn’t advised, because you run the risk of annoying the recipient and getting placed permanently in their spam folder.

2. What should abandoned cart emails contain at each stage?

Stages of abandoned cart email campaigns
Email SequenceSentWhat it contains
First Email30 min - 1 hour after abandonment- Image of the product(s) (what is it they forgot)

- Messaging that entices shoppers to buy

- A clear CTA with cart regeneration

- Contact information for buyer support
Second Email24 hours after 1st email- Image of the product(s) (pre-configured)

- Messaging that creates urgency & reminds them to purchase

- A clear CTA with cart regeneration

- Contact information for buyer support
Third Email72 hours after 2nd email- Final reminder to complete their purchase

- You can also include a sweet deal to lure them back

- Contact information for buyer support

Recapture more lost revenue by leveraging principles like urgency and scarcity in your email copy. Here are a few phrases that do a good job of communicating urgency to spur shoppers into action:

  • Limited-time offer
  • While supplies last
  • Don’t miss out
  • Act now
  • Only [X] left in stock

Additionally, if you’re selling items that are low in inventory, don’t shy away from letting shoppers know that there might not be enough to go around. Shoppers need to act now or else they’ll miss the opportunity to purchase.

You can also test “holding inventory” for shoppers who have placed limited edition items in their cart but haven’t purchased yet. Just be sure to position the action as an act of goodwill and see how shoppers respond. Be sure to carefully consider the amount of available inventory since you can aggravate your relationship with customers by overpromising and failing to fulfill the order.

4. Sweeten the deal with a limited-time promotion

Sometimes all that’s needed to entice shoppers to reconsider their purchase is a small incentive package with your already awesome products. By offering shoppers free shipping or a discount off their purchase price, it might just be the tipping point to win customers back to their abandoned shopping cart.

One way to make this tactic more effective is to combine the incentive with the principle of scarcity, and make it a time-limited discount. If shoppers want to enjoy the benefits of the promotion, they should apply the promo codes and complete their purchase right away. As a way to not affect your revenue, try to offer the deal as a last attempt to get the shopper back.

5. Offer a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Make it fundamentally easy for shoppers to buy by including a clear and prominent call-to-action button that takes shoppers back to their abandoned cart. Your goal is to make repurchasing as easy as possible to avoid confusing shoppers with buttons that don’t aid in this purchase journey. After they’ve clicked the call-to-action button, make sure your online business populates the shopping cart with the right product configuration so your shoppers don’t have to think twice about the contents in their cart.

Regardless of whether or not a shopper intendeds to abandon their purchase – giving shoppers the ability to return to their place in checkout (regenerate their checkout session) is another way to increase the likelihood of shopping cart recovery. Checkout session regeneration may not be possible for every business due to technical limitations involved. But if your online business has the resources, auto-filling billing information with payment information from a prior abandoned checkout session means shoppers experience less friction at checkout.

Examples of the best abandoned cart emails used by ecommerce leaders

Interested in seeing what the experts are using to recapture their abandoned shopping carts? We’ve compiled a short collection of abandoned cart email examples below.

1. Jack Wills

Jack Willis abandoned cart email

(Source: Really Good Emails)

How this email brings customers back: “Hey Luke, we know life can be hectic – there’s a lot going on and it’s easy to forget about your shopping bag…we’ve saved you a reminder”
Principle in focus: Stellar product copy

Jack Wills’ personality shines in their email copy. The tone is casual and conversational but still gets the main point across – reminding shoppers to revisit their shopping cart.

2. Adidas

Adidas abandoned cart email

(Source: Really Good Emails)

How this email brings customers back: Personalized email copy with Adidas’ Gazelle Trainers

Principle in focus: Personalization

Adidas understands that highly personalized emails tend to perform better than non-personalized email copy. To make their abandoned cart emails more relevant, they’ve chosen to dynamically insert product images throughout the body of the email and have included the product name in the copy. As a result, there’s greater continuity between the abandoned cart email and what the shoppers were previously looking at before abandonment.

3. Google Store

Google Store abandoned cart email

(Source: Really Good Emails)

How this email brings customers back:  “our more popular items sell out fast”
Principle in focus: Scarcity 

Google makes it clear that their products are in very high demand, and shoppers should complete their purchase or risk losing out on the item altogether.

3 Abandoned cart email templates for Mailchimp

Want more tangible examples you can use for your own abandoned cart emails? We’re sharing 3 abandoned cart email templates that you can use in your next campaign. Click on the link to view the templates below.

1. Abandoned Cart Email One: Act Now

This email shows off the abandoned product and uses social proof in the form of customer reviews to get users to get back to the site and purchase your products.

2. Abandoned Cart Email Two: Minimalist Design

This email gets customers back into the purchasing mindset through the use of a limited time offer, along with social proof, and links to related products.

3. Abandoned Cart Email Three: Short & Sweet

This email, built for clothing retailers, uses a clever animation to remind customers when they leave something behind in their cart.

How to use these templates

Step 1. Copy and paste the unique template URL into the address bar in your web browser and press enter.

Step 2.  From here, you’ll be prompted to log in to your Mailchimp account if you aren’t logged in already. From there, you’ll be taken to the Templates page and should see a message confirming the template was added to your account.

Step 3. You can now edit the email template or use it for your next abandoned cart email campaign. 

3 Email subject lines to test in your next abandoned cart email sequence

The bulk of this blog post focuses on best practices for optimizing the layout and copy of your abandoned cart emails after shoppers have opened an email. Naturally, you’ll also want to focus on ways to optimize your email open rates to ensure your email gets read. One proven way to do this is to write compelling email subject lines that generate clicks.

Similar to email copy, personalized messaging is the secret to driving a lift in your email open rates. Personalize your subject lines with the recipient’s name and include the product they left behind in their shopping cart. Remember to keep the subject line short and direct – you don’t want shoppers second-guessing the content of the email.

  • Subject line #1
    First Name, [Your Item] is waiting for you!
  • Subject line #2
    [First Name], Your Cart is Ready.
  • Subject line #3
    Your Bolt Cart @ [Name_Company] is waiting for you.

Shopping cart abandonment affects thousands of online retailers, but that doesn’t mean you should wait around and let these abandoned shopping carts hold your store’s revenue potential hostage. Start recovering lost sales by copying our ready-to-use abandoned cart email templates and deploying them in your next email sequence!

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