Bolt Product Page Checkout: Boost Conversion Rates

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Bolt Product Page Checkout: Boost Conversion Rates

Make it easy for the shoppers who know exactly which product they want by including a Product Page Checkout button on the product listing page. This gives your shoppers a seamless one-click checkout and retailers like you benefit from increased conversions and sales.

How Bolt Product Page Checkout Works

Once you’ve implemented Product Page Checkout on your product pages, your shoppers will have the option to immediately check out from that product page. Once clicked, Bolt’s checkout modal pops up and lets a shopper complete the transaction right on the page. There are no redirects and no friction to stop them from completing that purchase—just a lightning fast end-to-end checkout.

The Product Page Checkout button is the most simple way for shoppers who know exactly what they want to get what they want, in seconds.

Get more information about Product Page Checkout in Bolt’s Support Center.

Bolt Product Page Checkout Examples

Many Bolt customers are using Product Page Checkout to boost conversion rates and to create amazing shopping experiences. Here are a few examples of some of our favorite products that shoppers can buy directly on the product page with a single click:

Ambush Skateboarding

Skateboard helmet product page

Ambush Skateboarding is your go-to shop for skateboarding equipment and accessories.

No matter where you’re shredding or how good you are at skateboarding, it’s always a good idea to have some protection. The Pro-Tech Classic Skate helmet is a timeless classic. It has a tough ABS shell, two-stage foam to keep your head comfortable and it comes in a pleasant candy green flake color.

Redshift Watersports

Connelly Waterskis

Redshift Watersports is your premium source for gear for water sports.

We were particularly taken by these Connelly 2021 Carbon V Slalom Waterskis. It features a carbon and glass blend, which provides a lightness for peak performance, no matter the weather.

Heat Transfer Warehouse

Green Craft Manual Hand Press Product Page

Heat Transfer Warehouse is your go-to resource for all heat transfer products. It has a variety of products for large businesses, as well as for individual hobbyists.

We chose the WALAPress Craft Heat Press as a nice entry point into heat transfer crafting. The size means you can take it on the go with you, and the shape means you can press on objects that may not fit into a larger, standard-size heat press.

Drone Nerds

Drone Combo Product Page

Drone Nerds specializes in high-end drones for commercial, private, and recreational needs.

We chose to spotlight the DJI FPV Drone Combo because it delivers an incredible, immersive flying experience. Not only does this combo come with a stand-out DJI drone and controller, it also comes with goggles that will let you see what your “sees,” all in high definition.


Hexarmor gloves product page

Durawear has been producing safety equipment since 1980 and is committed to providing personal protective products for all industries.

We chose the Hexarmor gloves because it benefits both the weekend warrior and those who need these for their job. The gloves provide comfort and dexterity while also having level 3 puncture protection and impact protection on the back of the hand.


Rolex Two-tone blue product page

BeckerTime is a family-run business that aims to be the best place to buy genuine Rolex watches online, as well as other pre-owned luxury watches.

We chose this stylish Two-Tone Datejust Blue Diamond 16013. Its bold color provides the right amount of pop to accompany any outfit. And with BeckerTime, authenticity is guaranteed.


Mita License Plate Backup Product Page

Rubitrux specializes in Jeep conversions and off-roading accessories.

The Mito JK License Plate Backup Camera is a good choice for you Jeep owners who want to off road while having a better idea of what’s around you. It easily snaps into place, replacing the stock license plate cover. It’s also waterproof and includes a digital distance marker.


BuyWake is a universally recognized global leader in Wake-specific retail.

We chose the Liquid Force 2022 Dream Kid’s Wakeboard because adults shouldn’t have all the fun. This stylish board features a softer, more forgiving edge that’s perfect for those still learning how to wakeboard.


Verydrone aims to educate, illustrate and provide products related to drones. It’s run by drone enthusiasts who are passionate about providing the best products around.

We chose the DJI Mini 2 Drone and it’s a great choice for anybody looking to get into the world of drones. It’s small but it packs a ton of power and features including 4K video, level-5 wind resistance and intelligent quick shot modes.

Certified MTP

Certified MTP says it’s focused on “Simplifying How Doers Get Equipped.” It offers a variety of material testing products including cement testing, soil testing and more.

We chose the Infrared Thermometer Gun, which provides accurate infrared thermometer readings in a portable package. It includes a variety of modes and can even be used to measure skin temperature.

Budget Mailboxes

Budget Mailboxes provides mailboxes for businesses and residences at great prices.

We chose the Janzer Mailbox and Post Combo and it sports a sleek design. It has strong magnetic closures to keep the door securely closed, and it mounts in a variety of ways. offers one of the largest online selections of lockers for your business or home. It includes lockers made of metal, wood, plastic and more.

We chose the 12″ Wide Four Tier Standard Metal Locker and it’s ideal for your business or even your garage. Each locker can accommodate a variety of locks, including built-in combinations or key locks, as well as electronic locks.

Precision Pro

Precision Pro started with a single question, “Why can’t anyone seem to make a quality rangefinder at a reasonable price?” It offers a variety of rangefinders and golfing accessories.

We chose the NX9 Slope and it’s an ideal choice for the golf enthusiast in your life (even if that’s you). The rangefinder has crystal-clear optics to help you find the flag, as well as a magnetic grip you can stick to your clubs, cart or other metal object.


DOWNLITE designs, develops, manufactures, and markets bedding products including: comforters, pillows, mattress pads, blankets, throws, and more.

We chose the Downlite Lightweight 230 TC Luxury Satin Trim White Down Blanket to provide you comfort any time of year. The 550-fill power white duck down provides lightweight warmth combined with classic good looks that can match almost any room.

As the name suggests, sells a wide variety of eyeglasses including prescription lenses, sunglasses, and replacement lenses.

We chose these chic Prada sunglasses and it has a fashionable full-frame design. These sunglasses include a rime all the way around the lenses, providing extra stability and durability.

Lamin-X Protective Film

Lamin-X Protective Film pioneered an entirely new market of lens, paint, and surface protection for the automotive aftermarket products industry.

We chose the Car Door Edge Guards. If you’ve ever opened your door too quickly or in too tight of a spot, you know how easily the paint on the door can chip. These protective film strips are made from a super strong poly-urethane film that is nearly invisible.

SIM Supply

SIM Supply offers supplies for work, aiming to keep your company on track by making sure you get the items you need at the best value.

We chose the SC Johnson Professional TouchFREE Ultra™ Dispenser and while it’s mainly designed for offices or workplaces, you could see this fitting into any hygiene-conscious home.

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