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Checkout buttons designed to let shoppers checkout wherever, however

Whether shoppers want to browse or buy right now, Bolt’s checkout buttons enable a personalized checkout experience for every kind of shopper, from browser to impulse buyer—via mobile or desktop, on any device or browser.

Product Page & Always Available Checkout

Product Page Checkout

For the shopper who knows exactly which product they want, embed a Product Page Checkout button on the product listing page. Once clicked, Bolt’s checkout modal pops up and lets a shopper complete the transaction right on the page—no redirects, no friction, just a lightning fast end-to-end checkout.

With up to 70% of Bolt shoppers purchasing one item at a time, the Product Page Checkout button is the most simple way for shoppers who know exactly what they want to get what they want.

Get more information about Product Page Checkout in Bolt’s Support Center.

Always Available Checkout

Encourage browsing and increase a shopper’s average cart size with the Always Available Checkout button, which enables shoppers to keep track of their cart without having to navigate away to a cart page. When a shopper hovers over the floating “Buy” button, a mini-cart pops up, listing all the items currently in the cart. Once they’re ready to buy, they can checkout from anywhere on your site by hitting that button. Bolt One Click brings them straight into the checkout flow without redirects or extra clicks.

Get more information about Always Available Checkout in Bolt’s Support Center.

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